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So, where’s my stash?

September 22, 2007

To date, I have cataloged my needles and yarn. But I realize, my yarn is quickly deminishing as I have joined several YarnSwaps, 1 KAL and 1 KAG ~gasp! I feel the need to SHOP! So shop I did. I hit my favorite online shop and ordered a set of 16″ bamboo circulars and 24 skiens of some chunky, wintery type yarn for gifting.

From there I agonized over the purchase of a blocking board. To date, most of my pieces required little to no blocking, if blocking had been necessary, I simply used a few thirsty towels and my desk-top. Why would I need a blocking board? I finally started some lace work and I enjoy it, thirsty towels are not gonna cut it for lace. I found a great deal at, Sew EZ blocking board, usually selling for Read the rest of this entry ?


Hi! Hello? Anyone? Howz about a YarnSwap?

September 19, 2007

So, I know I just started this blogamajog and it is meant for me to catalog my knit stuff and meet knitters but – … where is my traffic? Nah, I know it takes awhile. I guess I will have to do the self-promotion thing and get myself out there if I want to meet knitters.

How about a YarnSwap? There we go! A great way to get the blog-juices flowing! Send me an email at destiknit AT myway DOT com if you are interested.

Still no IK *SOB*


Organize, Minimize, Socialize with a tad of Conspiracy Theory

September 16, 2007

‘Not one to jump on the proverbial bandwagon, this serves as an experiment for me… a place to organize and document my passions. If you have happened upon my pages, I extend my warm wishes and I do hope you come back again.’ ~Destiknit first Post

So, maybe I should retract my first entry because I have been waiting to get into Ravelry for awhile now.

Not because it is the cool knitter thing to do but simply for the following reason: I would love to be a dummy and use their site to organize my passion. Yes fellow knitters, I am a lazy bean – but selectively so. Alas, waiting has proven to be too much for me and so, I must take the sheep by the horns and organize here at WordPress. (Thank you WordPress)

So I have thought of my goals here at WordPress and the first is to organize, for certain. In organizing, I hope to minimize my stash and, by documenting it all here, I hope to socialize with fellow knitters – guys and gals, novice and experienced.

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