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New Site, New Name, Same Game!

June 13, 2011

I am back from hiatus and during the break, I’ve re-evaluated the many directions Fiber Arts has pulled me. From knitting, crochet, design, spinning, this blog and the podcast, not to mention social media and participating in events, it was all too much to keep track of!

My new site, will keep it all under one ‘roof’ so to speak. Blog, Patterns, Reviews, Socializing, Giveaways, and yes, Podcast… all at The Home page may feel vacant for a time as I decide what I want to do with it and the Shop carries only the original Owlings pattern for the time being but the Blog is active, I am hosting a CAL and the Podcast is back up but for now, is only available via the website.  I am working on getting the feed up in iTunes.

So please, stop by and let’s get reacquainted!