November Prize Drawing

November 5, 2010

First, Congratulations to Melissa, the winner of October’s Prize Drawing!

Now, to announce November’s Prize Drawing:

Gifted: Lovely Little Things To Knit and Crochet by Mags Kandis, Published 2010 Interweave Press, ISBN: 978-1596681781


Details coming soon




  1. hi there !!! what a lovely little book lol no pun intended another one on my too buy list.

  2. Nice giveaway! I haven’t seen this book yet.

  3. I love knitting/crocheting small things. Instant gratification it’s the way to go. I often get frustrated and bored with something that is big. That’s why I have a large afghan in my closet that’s been in hibernation for quite awhile.

  4. Oh, I really like that little book…maybe I’ll win it!

  5. Congrats to Melissa!
    Gifted looks like a fun book!

  6. What a great looking book. I’d love to win a book that would help me use up little bits of yarn!

  7. i love doing small projects like the ones in this book

  8. Ooh! I was looking at this just the other day! How awesome would it be to win it!

  9. Hi, please enter me in your drawing. Fidgement on Ravelry

  10. I love the look of this book. Looks very useful especially for the holiday time!

  11. This looks like the perfect book to make all the cute little stocking stuffers .

  12. This book has so many cute patterns – especially the Modern Mangas wrist warmers and the boot toppers!

  13. this book sounds like it would be great to use leftover yarn.

    Born2knitnpurl on ravelry

  14. Kerrie can’t wait to hear the new cast. I the new site looks great.

  15. I enjoy your podcast, Kerri, and the little things you do like the teaching and the free designs. You’ll be busy now, with school on top of family, but I hope to hear you get an episode in whenever you can.

  16. HI. You made a mistake on ravelry Mrs.Kerrie. I hope i get this! It would be so fun for Christmas!!

    • You won! Send me your address and I will send this out to you ASAP :-)

  17. I mean you said that the drawing for this would be Oct1-Oct 31. Or am i wrong. Oh well. Love the site btw.

  18. I’ve seen some reviews of this book and it sounds interesting.

    My niece (the one I’ve gotten started on knitting) looked surprised when I told her I had recently crocheted some strings to tie toddler snack cups to wherever he’s sitting. (Yes, it’s actually a series of strings tied into loops and into each other — no long strings in loops for a small child, in case you were worried, thank you.) So I explained that it’s actually quite helpful for a knitter to know at least a little basic crochet (which is about all I know) — for bootie tie strings, which is how I made the snack cup tie strings or for edgings on knit garments — to look nice or keep things from stretching (such as the neckline of the Baby Surprise Jacket I gave her for her daughter). She apparently had the impression that it was one or the other and people didn’t do both. I disabused her of that notion, but haven’t broken it to her that there are so many people who do both at very high levels of skill. Her mother’s a crocheter, her grandmother (my mother) also, and neither of them knits. I’ve only got a few crochet basics — chain, slip st, sc (which I have to look up each time I use it, I admit). I haven’t managed to make any garments or blankets either — would rather knit.

    So maybe I should learn a little more crochet someday, but you know, there’s a whole lot more knitting to learn, too. Somebody mentioned tubular cast on…..I don’t know that yet….

  19. Hi Kerrie,

    I very much enjoy your podcasts. Last night I listened to THE DESIGNER IN YOU. I am having fun making (small)changes to patterns (mostly scarves) to fit the person who will receive the gift. I have not yet attempted to design anything, but I enjoyed hearing about these two books.

  20. This book looks lovely. I really enjoy your podcasts and am also enjoying your sock patterns. Keep up the wonderful work.

  21. Hi- Looks like a great book for the holidays. Patiently awaiting your review!

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