October Prize Drawing!

October 4, 2010

First, Congratulations to Debi Potts, the winner of September’s Prize Drawing!

Now, to announce October’s Prize Drawing:

Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller, published 2010 Potter Craft, ISBN: 978-0307586605

I took the opportunity to thumb through this book with my daughter, who does not knit but who loves a good vampire story.

Mom: Ooo, I got this great book in the mail today.

Zephyr: (said with an abundance of sarcasm) Ooo, another knitting book?

Mom: I guarantee you, knitting book or not, you will want to see this book.

Zephyr: If it has anything to do with knitting, I doubt I’ll be interested.

Mom: (holding book at Zephyr’s eye level) Oh, I suppose you’re right.  You wouldn’t be interested in even this book.

Zephyr: Give it!

Mom teases Zephyr for a few minutes and finally hands the book over.

Zephyr: Now this is a good idea for a knitting book!

After spending roughly 20 minutes pouring over the book, Zephyr reports her favorites.

Zephyr: (going in order of presentation and nearly in one huge breath) I like these Pulse Protectors, but they should be knit in a deep, dark red.  The Vampire Diary Protector is such a kewl way to cover a book!  Mine would have to be black with red ribbon.  I have to have the Tourniquet Scarf! The Rampage Gloves are perfect, I could even wear them when playing guitar!  The Lore Hoodie is something anyone could wear, no matter what their style is.  The Sitio Stockings… I must have those, too!  That Little Fang sweater is ADORABLE! – I mean, can’t you see Archer running around in that!?!  The Be Safe Bag would be perfect for carrying whichever book I’m reading!  And, the Glamour Earrings and Sangria Bracelet… I can’t believe those are made with yarn!  The Shapeshifter Shrug is a good idea, but it has to be in black and the Werewolf Hat… you have to make those for the boys…

Mom: Wait, are you suggesting you’d like me to knit all those items for you and your brothers?!?

Zephyr: Yeah, and if you start now, you’ll have it all done by Halloween…

Mom: LOL…

Zephyr: What?  You could do it Mom!

Mom: I was sort of hoping you might want to try knitting again.

Zephyr: Well, that’s not gonna happen.  So, you have to knit them for me.

Mom: I might knit something for you from the book… but you wouldn’t get it until Christmas.

Zephyr: eyeroll

Needless to say, despite Zephyr’s recent resistance to Fiber Arts, this book is a winner. If you love Vampire stories, you will find something worth knitting in Vampire Knits.



  1. I like the Bloody Socks, Shape Shifter, and Lore Hoodie best.

  2. I hadnt seen that one! gotta check it out – love it!

  3. sweet+must have

  4. cute story! I’ve been entering every contest there is for this book but I bet I have to go buy it. :) thanks for the drawing!

  5. My daughter would love these patterns.

  6. I haven’t seen any patterns in this book, but I’m sold! I would love to win this one!!

  7. This looks really interesting. I would love to win it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Good evening, I’m very new at listening to podcasts and while I was in Vienna , ( I live in Switzerland ) and spent a rainy day in the hotel , I came across your podcast !! I too, love to knit though I’m sure enough not as good as you !! Not even close but I’m getting there !!I love your podcats and listening to you and I was so surprised to hear about the lotion bar !! I never knew something like that exited. Would be great to be a winner !!! and recieve something so special !! Have a nice evening and greetings from switzerland

  9. Sounds like the perfect book for October! And it’s got some really great patterns in it.

  10. sounds like a great book. maybe Zephyr will decide to give it another go on the knitting with a book like that. love hearing from you and yours. judy

  11. What a neat idea! I love the hoodie on the front cover!

  12. Awesome book review!

  13. Pretty neat book. My daughter would love alot of it.

  14. I was never part of the vampire hype but I love the knits in this book and the cover is just perfect!

  15. I vant to knit the vampire knits

  16. I’ve been eyeing this book since I first read about it, but that dialogue was just about the best book review I’ve ever read. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wait! Don’t read anyone else’s comments!!! This book just HAS to belong to me!

    Love the site, btw. I have the ball winder too and I really like it also. Only problem that I’ve found with it is that it only takes so much yarn before refusing to wind anymore. If they only utilized a bit more of the arms, I really think the capabilities could have been much better.

  18. I’ve been so curious about this book–thanks Zephyr for the lowdown! :)

    jenniem on Rav

  19. what a wonderful book maybe I will win

  20. That looks like an awesome book! I’m partial to vampire books!

    nhsarab at yahoo dot com

  21. This book looks awesome! I would LOVE to win a copy!
    Rav ID: kristyh1981

  22. I’ve been eyeing this book – my daughter is a twilight fan. I love what I can see of the hooded sweater on the front. Please count me in for the contest!

  23. This book might just be THE book to get my daughter Meagan interested in knitting.

  24. This might just be THE book to get my daughter Meagan into knitting. Hmmm, no more “Would you just hurry up and pick something!”(yarn)

  25. My daughter loves vampires… Twighlight is her all time fave series. Here is hoping I win…

  26. Surely there are intriguing knits in there! I wanna see :)

  27. Hm…are you sure you weren’t talking to my daughter?? What a fantastic book, and I love the patterns. The hooded cowl is gorgeous.

    Thanks so much for a great giveaway!!!

    chana on Rav

  28. After the Twilight series— my daughter and I are hooked!!! Besides the patterns are gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this… Crosses my fingers

  29. Loved the interview. I haven’t seen this book yet but I’d love to win! Thanks for the opportunity :-)m

  30. Vampires and knitting, how could it get any better. I am in love.

  31. Vampires are known for having great style. :)

    I would love to knit an entire sweater in yarn that matches the cover model’s lips exactly. Mrowr.

    Thanks for hosting the contest!


  32. i can’t wait to get a look at this book! :) your daughter sounds sweet:) thx for the contest:)

  33. Those patterns are just gorgeous! I guess this will have to go on a wishlist!

  34. My favorites are the Werewolf Hat, Be Still My Beating Heart Capelet and the Lore Hoodie. Looks like the book is totally awesome :)

  35. How fun! What a cute idea for an October give away.

  36. I’ve been eyeing this book for a while – LOTS of good knitting projects in this one!

  37. OOOhh. Nice book. I don’t care for twilight, but the stuff inside the book is pretty neat. Tell Zephyr she really did it this time.:^) Love the Podcast,Mrs.Kerrie

  38. i totally agree with everything your daughter said lol

  39. I am not really a vampire fan, but I like the knits in this book!

  40. I can always find things I like in every book I look at, so, from your comments (and your daughter’s) I know there would be several in this book that would pique my interest. :-)

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