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October Prize Drawing!

October 4, 2010

First, Congratulations to Debi Potts, the winner of September’s Prize Drawing!

Now, to announce October’s Prize Drawing:

Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller, published 2010 Potter Craft, ISBN: 978-0307586605

I took the opportunity to thumb through this book with my daughter, who does not knit but who loves a good vampire story.

Mom: Ooo, I got this great book in the mail today.

Zephyr: (said with an abundance of sarcasm) Ooo, another knitting book?

Mom: I guarantee you, knitting book or not, you will want to see this book.

Zephyr: If it has anything to do with knitting, I doubt I’ll be interested.

Mom: (holding book at Zephyr’s eye level) Oh, I suppose you’re right.  You wouldn’t be interested in even this book.

Zephyr: Give it!

Mom teases Zephyr for a few minutes and finally hands the book over.

Zephyr: Now this is a good idea for a knitting book!

After spending roughly 20 minutes pouring over the book, Zephyr reports her favorites.

Zephyr: (going in order of presentation and nearly in one huge breath) I like these Pulse Protectors, but they should be knit in a deep, dark red.  The Vampire Diary Protector is such a kewl way to cover a book!  Mine would have to be black with red ribbon.  I have to have the Tourniquet Scarf! The Rampage Gloves are perfect, I could even wear them when playing guitar!  The Lore Hoodie is something anyone could wear, no matter what their style is.  The Sitio Stockings… I must have those, too!  That Little Fang sweater is ADORABLE! – I mean, can’t you see Archer running around in that!?!  The Be Safe Bag would be perfect for carrying whichever book I’m reading!  And, the Glamour Earrings and Sangria Bracelet… I can’t believe those are made with yarn!  The Shapeshifter Shrug is a good idea, but it has to be in black and the Werewolf Hat… you have to make those for the boys…

Mom: Wait, are you suggesting you’d like me to knit all those items for you and your brothers?!?

Zephyr: Yeah, and if you start now, you’ll have it all done by Halloween…

Mom: LOL…

Zephyr: What?  You could do it Mom!

Mom: I was sort of hoping you might want to try knitting again.

Zephyr: Well, that’s not gonna happen.  So, you have to knit them for me.

Mom: I might knit something for you from the book… but you wouldn’t get it until Christmas.

Zephyr: eyeroll

Needless to say, despite Zephyr’s recent resistance to Fiber Arts, this book is a winner. If you love Vampire stories, you will find something worth knitting in Vampire Knits.