Jesh, am I behind!?!

June 9, 2010

First, let’s announce the winner of May’s prize drawing…

Susan Nipp!

Susan has contacted me and her prize is on its way!

This month I am trying to organize my studio, to include The Stash.  This is only part of the why I am behind and the usual suspects round out the list.  I haven’t located it just yet, but this month’s prize will be a Zauberball by Schoppel Wolle.  I can not recall the color name or number but it looks a little something like this:

As usual, please leave a comment anywhere on this blog about anything, and you will be automatically entered in June’s prize drawing.  All entries are retroactive to 1 June 2010 and must be placed by 30 June 2010 to be eligible for this prize drawing.  Good Luck!

In other news, I have two podcast notes entries to catch up on, to include uploading the latest podcast episode.  I can’t even promise when this might happen and boy, does this bother me!  Still, I know you all understand as I read all your messages and appreciated every single  one, Thank You!



  1. It seems that the “stash” is never organized enough. When we have young children and lots of mom things to do it certainly can be difficult to organize anything. Beautiful colored yarn. I have never knit with it, however, my mom has and said she loves it!

  2. Kerri, That is really pretty. I hope things slow down a little for you. Multiple children (mom of 3 here) and a house to take care of is a lot all on its own. We will wait.

  3. Zauberball. Now that is some seriously beautiful yarn, and I don’t think my LYS sells it.
    Good luck on the organizing of stash, that is one of my goals too!

  4. I just moved some stuff from someone else’s stash to mine (when she sends it along). At least I have a pattern in mind for one yarn (a Colinette) but the Plymouth Dreambaby DK and the other baby/child yarn — well, they’ll just get added to the general stash here and I will use them when I get to them.

    The latest podcast was interesting — thanks again for taking the time to share your life and thoughts with us.

  5. This is my first visit to your blog and I am hooked! Thanks for the contest. I haven’t used this yarn before and I’d love the chance to try it. I’m looking forward to listening to your podcasts.

  6. WoW! Look at that color!

  7. This is my first visit to your blog, too. I love the bright colors in this yarn. Thanks for the contest.

  8. I need to update my stash….in the midst of madly designing & knitting, so any other organization is on the backburner though!

  9. Hey, it’s good to know others are doing what I am doing – that’s right – I’m organizing my stash AND the rest of my craft room, too!

  10. Wow, that is one bright zauberball!!!

  11. Beautiful colour! Hope I can win it! :)

    • #11 You Won!!

      • Yay! Thank you very much! :)

  12. i just picked up my first zauerball during the yarn crawl! looks fun and cool! lol, life tends to get away from us!

  13. Pretty color on the yarn. I’ve just started a project in the laceweight zaurball.

    Dreambaby is great for a Baby Surprise jacket – I made one of those recently from it.

  14. Hi,

    I’ve never tried Zauberball yet; looks fun! I love Red-Orange!
    Hope all is going well for you and your family!
    Look forward to the podcast.

  15. Zauberball knits up into beautiful socks. I knit with a German lady who has made several pairs of socks with it. Awesome!

  16. Sadly, my stash is totally lacking since my move from Florida to NH. I had to leave some of my beloved fiber behind. I would love to try some Zauberball and the colorway is great. Love the podcast BTW.

  17. i have got to get some stash out too. it’s actually stressing me having too much :P
    hope youand fam are well. hugs!

  18. beautiful yarn, love the colors. I know what you mean about being too busy, I feel the same way, too.

  19. I always pick up Zauberballs at my LYS but I have never indulged in purchasing one yet! They’re so colorful! Anyway, I’m off to check out your podcast.

  20. I love that yarn. Actually the colors are just amazing. I’ve tried spinning up some yarn in that colorway, but I just can’t get it right. YOu have such pretty projects on your blog.

  21. Love the yarn … and I like your blog, too. I told you I got some beautiful yarn from the Charity thing we did…it was nice of you to host.

  22. I love the colors in this yarn – so firey and pretty – and somehow reminds me of candy.. although I can’t put my finger on which candy.. perhaps those large lollipops you see in the candy store windows, or maybe something as simple as a box of nerds! And it looks so soft too!
    Thanks for the “eye-candy” :)

  23. wow, that is an awesome colored yarn!

    • I am new to podcasts, blogs and the like. I enjoy yours. The book reviews are interesting as I am trying to build a library.

  24. Zauerball is great yarn. I just finished knitting a pair of socks with it.

  25. That is one bright groovy yarn!!
    You can’t fail to notice socks in that colourway.

  26. Stash – organized – two words that will probably never go together in my life time :-)

  27. I haven’t knit with Zauberball yarn yet, but it looks really colorful. I’m trying to think about which pattern would look good knit with this.

  28. This is a beautiful colorway .. and congrats to the May winner

  29. Thank you for a knitting blog.

  30. beautiful yarn and color!

  31. love the colors in this.. here is hoping I win…

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