Prize Drawing for May

May 7, 2010

This month I will be giving away the newest version of The Knit Kit.  Leave a comment anywhere on this blog from 1 May to 31 May and be automatically entered in this months prize drawing.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for awhile, you will know I have a Knit Kit (black version)  and gave it very high reviews.  It is known as the Swiss Army knife of the knitting world.  And there really is no better way to describe it, except for some photos.

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(photos from The Knit Kit site)

The black version in the photos above is the version I received last year in 2009.  If you recall from my review, I mentioned it was near perfect, the only thing missing is a darning needle. The newest 2010 Knit Kit is a cool turquoise blue (also pictured above) and features a new, double ended crochet hook and a darning needle.  I love when companies listen to their customers!



  1. This sounds like just the thing. I am forever carrying all sorts of knitting related stuff with me every time I travel. This little gadget is just SO smart.

    And thanks for the sock pattern. Just been printed out and ready to be knit. Gorgeous socks. :)

  2. Loved your recent review of needles. I also use Knit Picks needles. However, I would like to have some Signature needles, if only they made the smaller size circular for magic loop.

  3. I’d love to own a Knit Kit; it does look handy.
    I enjoyed your last episode.

  4. I just saw this 2 days ago. One of the ladies in our knitting group has one and she loves it. Funny, I called it the “Swiss Army Knife” of knitting. It really does appear to be quite handy.

  5. I think that is probably the coolest thing ever invented. What a handy thing to have around – no more looking all over the house for the tape measure or scissors!

  6. Love the new turquoise color! I had a white and pink one and my knitting friends said it looked like birth control pills! :)

    • LOL… I have to agree w/ your friends ^_^ Much prefer the 2009 and 2010 versions, myself!

  7. I love your podcast. Can’t wait to hear it everyday.

  8. Well, Kerrie, sounds like they listened to you. The kit looks great – I especially like the enclosed scissors.

  9. This little Knit Kit looks quite handy indeed!

  10. The original version was great but the new one is totally the tops!

  11. My little necessities always seem to be scattered between multiple project bags…it would be very handy to have a “kit” that could travel from bag to bag as a single unit!

  12. The Knit Kit is another verification of how creative knitters are.

  13. It does look better than the birth control version. As a newbee this would come in handy.

  14. Looks like just the thing to take with my knitting when I am on the run with the kids.

  15. how cool! Would love to own one. So compact and perfect on the road.

  16. I’d love to win this! Thanks again for doing a great podcast!


  17. What a great kit!

  18. lol, this would so come in handy! Hubby asked me to retire last year as daughter leaves home this fall and with the family dog passing last spring, he wanted me to be able to travel with him on his numerous business trips. So i am actually typing this from 3000 miles from home, in the second hotel and city we have been in in a week!

  19. I would love one of these. Looks like the perfect item for a traveling knitter. :-)

  20. HI!!! Popped on to tell you i am hunting for a wheel–going to drop you a note about the seller – i think you got one from them–anyway LOVE these kits–don’t have one but always look–well, maybe now i have a shot–got to save every penny for a wheel—BTW sounds like you are doing well and getting bigger in podcast land everday!!

  21. I love the Knit Kit. The only thing it’s missing is a stitch marker.

  22. wow what a great podcast. I am so happy that I found your podcast… it has been a blessing and I have only listened to 2 of your podcast… I am busy downloading all of them. thank you…

    thepuglady on raverly

  23. Love the podcast!
    Sheri from KY

  24. That is a cool kit. I hadn’t seen one before.

  25. Have just recently found your podcast on itunes, listened to 3 episodes so far, looking forward to the next. Just finished knitting my first pair of socks & am addicted now, so thank you for mentioning sock knitters anonymous, have looked it up & joined.

  26. That’s a lot of stuff in a small package! Good things do come in small packages. Thanks for sharing your time with us.

  27. Having just returned from four days in Lexington and Concord with my history-buff daughter, I realize how handy this would be. I have all these things in my big knitting bag, but one handy little package would be so much easier!

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