What Men Want: Episode #48 Notes

May 3, 2010


  • SFA CAL extended to 11:59 pm 7 May CET… .drawing to be conducted and winners announced by 10 May.
  • Epiphany No. 6 again available as Ravelry download
  • Epiphany No. 6.1 in testing stage… 2 more test knitters needed.  Please send email to destiknitATgmailDOTcom, subject “TEST KNIT”
  • Edited to Add (with great embarrassment) This month’s Prize Drawing winner hails from Canada, #13 ikkinlala!  Congratulations ikkinlala, please send me your mailing address and I will ship this out to you ASAP.
  • Stay tuned for May’s Prize Drawing… Don’t forget… leave a comment anywhere on this blog from the 1st to the last day of the month and you are automatically entered.  One entry per person.

Book Reviewed:

Knits Men Want by Bruce Weinstein, Published by STC Craft 2010, ISBN: 1-58479-840-8.

Other Items Discussed:

  • Finished weaving project (photos to follow soon)
  • Lots of crocheting! Doilies, washcloths, flowers, coasters, etc. (photos to follow soon)
  • Flame Scallop Cardigan by Kristen TenDyke
  • Design.. Knit and Lace.
  • Knitting (photos to follow soon)
  • Dyeing (photos to follow soon)
  • Spinning (photos to follow soon)
  • Needles! (photos to follow soon)
    • KnitPicks
    • KnitPro
    • Siganture Needle Arts
    • HiyaHiya
  • Yarn! Sock Weight, Reasonable Price.

  • # tried it
  • @ didn’t try it but curious and sharing
  • ** Love it
  • # Lion Brand Sock Ease, 7 colors (variegated), $9.99/100g

    # Red Heart Heart & Sole, 19 colors (jacquard and solids), $4.99/50 g

    * Cascade Heritage, 38 colors, $11.65/100g Also available, Heritage Paints/$16.95

    # Berrocco Sox, 30 colors (stripes, space dyed and jacquard), $12.85/100g

    # Paton’s Kroy (diff. options> solid, variegated, jacquard, cotton stretch, fx). $5.99/50g

    @ Premiere Yarns Serenity, Bamboo/Nylon/Merino, 18 colors (stripes,variegated), $4.50/50g

    @ Kertzer On Your Toes, 28 colors (jacquard, variegated, solids), $10.99/100g

    * Plymouth Happy Feet 36 Colors (solids, variegated), $5.95/50 g

    * Plymouth Sockotta, Cotton,  24 colors (jacquard, variegated), $10.99/100g



    1. I am a big fan of Paton’s Stretch Sox. I have a long narrow foot & it is hard to knit socks slim enough to keep from bagging and still get them on. The Stretch Sox has worked well so far.

    2. Great addition, RoamingKnitter! I haven’t tried that one yet so I am adding it to my list ^_^

    3. Yay! I’m off to e-mail you.

    4. Loved the podcast! I am surprised you didn’t include Knitpicks sock yarns in your review. They are certainly reasonably priced and there is a wide variety of types and colors. I haven’t used them myself, but wonder about them. I also am confused if you have the Joy, the Ladybug or both? You mention them both, but I didn’t remember hearing the story of getting both. I am looking for a traveling wheel and would like to know your opinion on the pros and cons of those two wheels. Please respond by e-mail if possible. For questions like this, should I e-mail you? Thanks again for your great podcast. I really look forward to it. Gail

    5. Kerrie:

      What a super prize. I keep my travel and home tool “kits” in zip bags but that means I don’t always get things back in the right place.

      And this new book looks wonderful. I can’t wait to hear your review. I’m sure you love Jared Flood’s photos, even without seeing them or listening to you. With a DH who wears short sleeved shirts all winter, I don’t see myself making him a sweater, even a cotton sweater (and I don’t like knitting cotton anyhow). Yes, I have made him two ties. Yes, they were from sock yarn. How can you beat Jitterbug? Maybe I should get laceweight silk? (Not)

    6. Loved the book review. It is so hard to know what men want! They say we are difficult! I’m about to knit some socks for my hubbie. He wants to pick the pattern, but can’t decide. I think I’ll just do a simple ribbed sock. Not as much fun for me, but I think he’ll put them in at least!

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