Episode #47 Notes & Other Stuff ^_^

April 7, 2010


  • Please use dtp.requests@googlemail.com if you have an event to announce, would like me to review your product or have a product review request.
  • Winners: Linda Borst + Pheonixfire won this month’s Prize Drawing.  Congratulations Ladies, your prizes are on their way!

Book Reviewed :

Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans  Norah Gaughan and Margery Winter, STC Craft Publishing 2010, ISBN: 1-58479-826-2

Other Items Discussed:

  • wips
  • ufos
  • handspun
  • Ashford Joy
  • Louet Julia: Still for sale. Many interested buyers but no takers as of yet.  It’s income tax season! ^_<
  • Schacht Ladybug: I opted for the Ladybug.  She will teach me a few more things and most likely sell me (or not) on a Matchless.
  • Antique Wheel: I never thought I would collect wheels, and I am not so sure that I will, but I ‘found’ this wheel at our Spring Bazaar and just had to take her home ^_^

  • Knit Mags Online:
    • Knitty: Free, focuses on aesthetics, new design, unique construction.  Also great tutorials, interviews, reviews and essays.
    • Petite Purls: Free, focuses on infant and children’s apparel, accessories and toys.
    • Knotions: Free, focuses are much as Knitty.  This online mag has great potential.
    • Tangled: Free, brand new online mag and as such, few patterns.  Focus on knit and crochet.
    • KnitCircus: Thumb through for free, Patterns are charged. Features articles, essays, interviews and patterns.
    • Patternfish: A pay-per-pattern site.  Much like Etsy but for knitwear.
    • Twist Collective: A true online magazine featuring articles, essays, reviews, Q&A and pay-per-pattern.  Patterns featured in this mag are often creations of well respected designers.
    • Tension: A new online mag, also pay-per-pattern.  So new, it’s hard to review but I’m keeping my eye on it >_^
    • Classic Elite Yarns: Ok, technically not an online magazine but a Newsletter.  Still, lots of great stuff here, to include free patterns and pay-per-patterns, too.
    • Knit on the Net: Free online magazine.  In its 10th issue and has featured some popular designs over the years.
    • PopKnits: Free online magazine.  Also very new but with great, great potential.  Focus on vintage and romantic design, features reivews and articles.  I am keeping my eye on this one, too.
    • Knitch: A true online magazine.  Hardly any patterns but you will want to visit this site if you enjoy reading articles, essays and interviews all things fiber related.  Oh yeah, it’s free.


  1. congrats winners!

    Beautiful photos of wheels! My wheel and i are still getting to know one another, ables, i am so hooked!

    • They each have their own personality, that’s for certain ^_^ Happy Spinning!

  2. Epiphany 7 is truly beautiful. I am so impressed with that pattern and the knitting is pretty great too. Good Job!

  3. oh that book has some gorgeous afghans!!!! might have to break down and get that one day ;P

    • I think you would especially like it Rebecca ^_^

  4. Twist of Fate is such a beautiful sock pattern. Thanks for sharing it. First sock is already done. I’ll show you on Saturday (if I’ll come ;-))

    • Ulli… I can not wait to see… I had a feeling you would beat me to a pair! LOL.

  5. Hi, Kerrie. Nice podcast and thanks for the list of e-zines. I loved the story about the antique wheel, particularly how it fit into your tote (we probably all identify with having a tote along with us).

    I’ve finished my 50 preemie hats and posted on the SFA CAL the other day (when it was 49 hats finished). So I’ll wash and mail them off soon. Now I’ve started a teeny tiny “Angel Gown” for H.A.I.N., which supports families whose babies don’t come home with them. I’ve never done that kind of knitting before, but I think it’s just as quick as the preemie hats and probably just as appreciated. It’s also a great carry-along for car and waiting room knitting.

    I’ve done cabling since ….hmmm, probably the early 1960’s. My first couple of sweaters for myself were self-designed cabled cardigans. One I can still wear, even. (Know anybody with skinny arms? I’ll have to ask my family…. it’s yarn I got and knit up while I was in Argentina for a summer. I got a tweedy look with a medium brown and a beige mohair.) More recently I’ve made a shawl with reversible cables (Jeanie, from Knitty), then made a couple of scarves for the Red Scarf Project with reversible cables, and I have the GAAA booklet so I can make that aran afghan some day. All this to say that I would LOVE to win that cable book this month.

    We have had a few days of summer in the DC area and are looking forward to a return to spring temperatures by the weekend! It makes for better knitting comfort, of course.

    • Hi Susan ^_^ Wow – 50!!! – I will rush over the SFA CAL right now to approve your post!

  6. I am so dumb! I commented on your podbean blog about wanting to see the links for the online mags that you talked about. Then I found them here. Please ignore that comment if you see it.

    • No worries and I apologize! I only visit there on recording days :-/

  7. Twist of Fat is a really nice sock! Great giveaway! Enjoyed your podcast.

    • (Need to edit, but don’t see edit button) Twist of FATE. sorry–typo. :)

    • ^_^ Thanks

  8. Thank you so much for the list of online magazines! I am planning to visit each tonight!! I just discovered your podcast today and listened to your chat about the wheel purchase.
    I am in the process of picking out a new wheel and that is hard work! Why can’t we have one of each????
    Thanks for your work and spending my birthday with my dog and I on our walk :)

    • :-) Good Luck in your hunt for a new wheel! I am not sure if you are familiar with Spin-Off (if not, you will be!) but in 2009 they posted The Great Spinning Wheel Round Up, comparing many (though not all) of the wheels available on the market. Worth a look see ^_^ Also Abby Franquemont wrote up a nice article of her own.

  9. thanks for a wonderful episode! the on-line magazine reviews were great, and introduced me to some I hadn’t yet seen.

    loved the story of your purchase of the spinning wheel, especially the part about how you fit the wheel into the tote bag! we also have four children, and I also always have a huge bag with me!

    • Don’t leave home without it :o)

  10. Hi Kerrie,

    You are my new most favorite podcaster. I got an Itouch for my birthday and have been downloading many different knitting/fiber podcasts. Your’s was a new one to me. I am interested in everything you talk about from spinning wheels to wollmeise. I went back and downloaded all of your podcasts from Itunes and am only listening if I am out walking. I expect to be in pretty good shape by the time I get through them. I think I already sent you an e-mail or posted on your Ravelry group, but I just wanted to say again how much I am enjoying your comments, stories, opinions, reviews, etc.

    • Thank you Gail ^_^

  11. A lovely little wheel you’ve found.

    • Thank you ^_^

  12. Those socks are gorgeous – thank you so much for sharing the pattern!

  13. Hi Kerrie,
    I just “found” your podcast and am catching up. I am really enjoying listening to you. I am a spindler and knitter and in the market to buy a wheel. I am looking at the kromski fantasia. It is beautiful and I can’t get it out of my head! Thanks for an enjoyable podcast

  14. I love you podcast and need to give “Twist of Fate” a try. It is beautiful!

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