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Episode #47 Notes & Other Stuff ^_^

April 7, 2010


  • Please use if you have an event to announce, would like me to review your product or have a product review request.
  • Winners: Linda Borst + Pheonixfire won this month’s Prize Drawing.  Congratulations Ladies, your prizes are on their way!

Book Reviewed :

Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans  Norah Gaughan and Margery Winter, STC Craft Publishing 2010, ISBN: 1-58479-826-2

Other Items Discussed:

  • wips
  • ufos
  • handspun
  • Ashford Joy
  • Louet Julia: Still for sale. Many interested buyers but no takers as of yet.  It’s income tax season! ^_<
  • Schacht Ladybug: I opted for the Ladybug.  She will teach me a few more things and most likely sell me (or not) on a Matchless.
  • Antique Wheel: I never thought I would collect wheels, and I am not so sure that I will, but I ‘found’ this wheel at our Spring Bazaar and just had to take her home ^_^

  • Knit Mags Online:
    • Knitty: Free, focuses on aesthetics, new design, unique construction.  Also great tutorials, interviews, reviews and essays.
    • Petite Purls: Free, focuses on infant and children’s apparel, accessories and toys.
    • Knotions: Free, focuses are much as Knitty.  This online mag has great potential.
    • Tangled: Free, brand new online mag and as such, few patterns.  Focus on knit and crochet.
    • KnitCircus: Thumb through for free, Patterns are charged. Features articles, essays, interviews and patterns.
    • Patternfish: A pay-per-pattern site.  Much like Etsy but for knitwear.
    • Twist Collective: A true online magazine featuring articles, essays, reviews, Q&A and pay-per-pattern.  Patterns featured in this mag are often creations of well respected designers.
    • Tension: A new online mag, also pay-per-pattern.  So new, it’s hard to review but I’m keeping my eye on it >_^
    • Classic Elite Yarns: Ok, technically not an online magazine but a Newsletter.  Still, lots of great stuff here, to include free patterns and pay-per-patterns, too.
    • Knit on the Net: Free online magazine.  In its 10th issue and has featured some popular designs over the years.
    • PopKnits: Free online magazine.  Also very new but with great, great potential.  Focus on vintage and romantic design, features reivews and articles.  I am keeping my eye on this one, too.
    • Knitch: A true online magazine.  Hardly any patterns but you will want to visit this site if you enjoy reading articles, essays and interviews all things fiber related.  Oh yeah, it’s free.