Episode #46 and Prize Update

March 12, 2010

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Book Reviewed:

Inspired Cabled Knits by Fionna Ellis, Potter Craft Publishing, Published 2009, ISBN: 978-0-307-58639-1 (0-307-58639-1)

Other Items Discussed:

Copy Cats (a Ravlery Link)

Creature Comfort Cardi

Prize Update Announcement:

I’ve decided to offer TWO prizes this month, separate colors.  This means I will draw two separate numbers, the first number drawn will win the ‘Blue’ and the second number will win the ‘Red’ kit.  Below are photos of each:



  1. I can’t wait until DH goes somewhere without me so I can listen to the podcast. I love cables. And lace. And…. Oh dear. I really have to finish the Wallabies. DGS#4 is due today — they’re in L&D since earlier this morning.

    • Can’t wait to listen, will save it for my weekly Saturday cleaning tomorrow. Keri you always lift my spirits and inspire. Thanks for the new pattern. I am working on the owl fingerless mitts now.

  2. Great episode! Kudos to you for stating your thoughts on “designs” for hire. I agree with you totally.

    I absolutely loved, loved, loved, your account of what you did with your socks you were gifted with when you got home!

    Makes me want to knit you a pair of socks also!

  3. The leaves and branches are gorgeous! I love botanical designs :

  4. ahhh, cables and lace! love them!

  5. DH went to Costco and I got to listen to the podcast. With multiple phone call interruptions (what size wiper blades do we need for both cars, for example).

    Oh my — I didn’t know you had mentioned my idea about keeping constant the number of UFOs. I’m glad you thought it was a helpful rationale! **smile** Episode 46 was fun — thanks for taking the time to record and share life. No need to apologize for anything. The sock kits sound interesting — mystery yarn that’s actually nice.

    In the meantime, Harry was born yesterday afternoon (March 12 around 2 something p.m. eastern) — about 8 and a half pounds, depending if I’m reading 8’5 as half — 8 oz — or 5 oz — they haven’t responded since I asked but there’s a photo of a lovely chubby little boy. To me, he’s really big since my one son (Harry’s dad) was 6 lbs. 1 oz at birth and didn’t weigh over 8 lbs until he was about 3 months old. So it’s DGS#4 now!! (#3 was born January 31 — Noah — about 4 weeks early and little but just fine. Both our grandsons now have little brothers. And we have a great niece, for me to knit pink things for.)

    • Susan… Congratualtions ^_^ What a big (and no doubt lovely) baby! Many Blessings to you and your family (((H)))

  6. Thanks for another great podcast, Kerri!

  7. Thanks for a wonderful podcast, Kerri

  8. I need time so I can listen. I’ve knit a wrap from a scarf pattern in Inspired Cable Knits. I want to hear your review.

    The Blue kit is beautiful.

  9. I love the fact that you reviewed hand creams. I suffer from continually rough hands and split fingertips, so I use a lot of hand creams/lotions. The Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy is wonderful, as is lanolin. Thanks for giving me a few new ones to try.

  10. I am so glad someone finally said out loud what I have been thinking about patterns both free and pay. This is a subject that makes me aggravated. One particular example that comes to mind – When Jared Flood did the Hemlock Ring from that old doily pattern and then worked out a chart to add more rows and then shared this (for free) as a knit friend to all, this to my mind was appropriate. An inappropriate use was this woman in the Hemlock Ring KAL accidently added too many repeats in the start so that instead of an 8 sided star she had a 16 sided star and decided this was perfect for an acrylic style of this throw and sold this “pattern” for six dollars. I was saddended by this misuse and sorry for those who didn’t understand what she was “selling”. By the way, I think Jared Flood aka BrooklynTweed has it totally correct in the free/ for pay pattern arena.

  11. I am always amazed at what you accomplish while caring for four little children. Yea for you, and no need to apologize for getting behind. Your podcast is like listening to an old friend chat about her week and I love it.

    Thanks for the list of hand creams. I’m on a mission to try every one.

  12. I am enjoying your podcast. You are making me want to get back to sock knitting. I am also going to check out the AHAVA.

    I have a Schacht Matchless. I like having double treadle.

  13. Thank -you for introducing me to the Creature
    Comfort Cardi. I never saw it before and I LOVE it. Great episode as always.

  14. I love your podcast! I totally agree with you on the free v pay debate!

  15. Hi Keri,
    As always I really enjoyed your podcast. That Cardi is absolutely stunning and I wish I could add it to my que but it’s already a mile long. Keep up the good work!

  16. I just downloaded episode 46 from iTunes and was so happy to have found your podcast! I enjoyed both your book review and “chatting” but also the info about the spinning wheel. I am just starting to get into spinning (by that I mean gathering info etc) and think it will lead to owning an Alpaca one day, and your reviews of the spinning wheels was very informational and helpful. Plus something that doesn’t hurt is…you have a great voice for podcasting. Thank you for taking your time.
    I also agree %110 with you about free vs. charging for patterns.

  17. Thanks for your podcast, I am an American living overseas and I love hearing about how you keep up with knitting and live in Germany! I have lived there, only three months, but now we live in China. Keep up the good work! I want to do a cable project next, so thanks!!

  18. I loved the review of the hand creams, as well as the book. I also love the celtic icon pattern. It’s truly gorgeous. I loved all the info on the spinning wheels and what you did before you tried on the special gifted socks you received from your friend…too funny and very sweet. Thanks for the the friendly chat…that’s how I feel about your podcast, a friendly chat. Love ya!

  19. I enjoyed the podcast, and loved the hand cream reviews. I’m always looking for the perfect one. Keep up the great work!!

  20. Great reviews and informative blog. I’m off to subscribe to your podcast in I-tunes!

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