New Pattern, New Prize and Great Friends!

March 10, 2010

I can’t seem to get out of my own way lately and though I am late, I am making good on my promises.

Epiphany No. 6

I finally finished the pattern for Epiphany No. 6 (direct link to PDF) or you can download Epiphany No. 6 in Ravelry.  Already lots of great feedback and am officially working a triangular shawl version.

Next of promises not forgot is this month’s Prize Drawing!  I am behind on this one, too, but only in posting!  The prize has been sitting on my desk since last month :”)  So what are we giving away… how about some  sock yarn?!?

Here in Germany I can sometimes find great deals on yarn kits.  These kits are unassuming as the yarn is labeled generically and all wrapped in plastic.  The first time I purchase one of these kits, I had no idea what to expect and so as not to be disappointed, expected nothing more than cheap, scratchy yarn.  Nope.  While not the smooshy of smooshy, it ain’t all bad!  A 75/25 wool/nylon blend, it is soft and durable and you get enough yarn to make not just one pair of socks but two!  Yes, 200 grams of sock yarn and a set of 5 DPNs sized 2.5mm (1.5 US)!


As with the past monthly prize drawings, simply leave a comment anywhere on this blog from (retroactive) March 1 – March 31 11:59 pm GMT +1 (will add a link) I ask that you adhere to this very simple requirement by posting your comment on this blog.  I understand there have been issues posting in the past but I do believe I have resolved all issues.  Also, some concern as to ‘who’s first’.  WordPress is wonderful in that I can organize my comments in any way I wish.  I simply look at the blog overall and each comment made is presented in order, according to its time stamp.  This is why I say you can comment anywhere… I don’t have to go digging for you post!  While I love email and appreciate comments on my podcast  server site, keeping the prize drawing comments on the blog is best.

These past weeks have been quite full around here.  Aside from family-love-stuffs*, there have been a series of illnesses (hate those tummy bugs!), sports physicals, immunizations, car issues (both cars!) and a few knitting meetups with great friends and some long-distance issues concerning homeownership and family.  Full indeed.  So those two meetings, though one far too brief, were complete rays of sunshine.

I met up with KnittingCouple, Annette and Alexander, on the last Saturday of February.  I had to take all 4 kiddos with me that day as DH was tending to some of those car issues.  Annette and Alex surprised me with a lovely gift, a cake of SpinningMartha‘s Merino-Silk yarn and a beautiful scarf made from another cake ^_^  I am so grateful as SpinningMartha’s colors are amazing and her shop sells out rather quickly, especially the sock yarns, Merino-Silk and the spinning fibers.

Can you believe, this was not the only gift I received in these past weeks?  Just last week I was supposed to meet up with Wumbs, Ulli, but had to cancel because of that darn tummy bug.  I stopped by Ulli’s to drop off a few promised items and she surprised me with a handknit pair of socks, knit with STR!  STR!?!  One of many yarns I have yet to test drive myself and now… I am saved from the trouble of even knitting myself a pair of socks on top of it!?!  Double-whammy!  Of course, I could not wait to get my feet into those socks:

Thank you all, Annette, Alex and Ulli.  I am so grateful to call each of you friend.

*my new term for the wonderful chores of housekeeping, taxiing and general child rearing



  1. Really like your cowl pattern. Am presently re-studing German with hopes of coming back again! Will bookmark your site!

  2. Your pattern is beautiful; I can’t wait to see it in a triangular shawl version!



  3. The giveaway sounds awesome! Great photos! Take care.

  4. Great socks, scarf and yarn. Wonderful friends to cheer you with these gifts. Hope you are feeling up to par.

    RoamingKnitter on Ravelry

  5. When I first got the notification of this post, I thought it meant another podcast was up. I searched and search to no avail, and thought something was seriously wrong with Itunes! I was ready to confront them about it, anxious to hear another episode, then I realized it was a blog post notification! LOL

    Lovely gifts! Whoever receives yarn and hand knit socks as gifts, is really loved!

    Love your new term, I may have to adopt it for my family chores.

    How do I enter the drawing for the yarn? I’m also giving away sock yarn on my blog to, with German origins! LOL

  6. Wow, you’ve been busy. Sorry about the tummy issues, that is never any fun. I love the socks you received as a gift and the color on that merino-silk is GORGEOUS. I love ALL colors, but have to say the scale tips a little closer to purples and blues.

    The Epiphany No. 6 pattern is fabulous. I’ve queued/libraried it in Ravelry. Tt truly is beautiful. Thank you for the pattern.

  7. Love the socks…do you know the pattern?

  8. Hi,
    I just wanted to say thanks for all the great reviews and info you provide. I just recently found your blog and podcast and have been trying to catch up on your past posts and episodes. I’m enjoying it very much :)

  9. Thank you for sharing the exciting time you are having in Germany. I am so glad you are able to go to meet ups. Oh the yarns you see. The socks are such a wonderful gift. Love the Epiphany pattern WOW!! Thanks

    Jan K

  10. Love hearing from you and the give away sounds wonderful. Hope those tummy bugs stay at bay.

  11. Just downloaded the pattern for the cowl and now I can’t wait to see the shawl one. i have a “thing” about shawls. And the pattern is really beautiful.

    I just now found your blog, but I’ll make sure Icome here often. Brilliant blog with lots of good information – and beautiful patterns obviously. thanks.

  12. pretty presents you received! and i love the epiphany!

  13. Thanks for the pattern , I can’t knit as fast as dream about it . Maybe someday.

  14. I love reading your blog and…sock yarns of course!
    Thank you very much :)

  15. lovely pattern. WIll be stunning as a triangular shawl. It’s in my rav que

  16. Love the scarf. The colors and stitch pattern are beautiful.

  17. Feels so good to be worthy of a handmade gift, right? Looking forward to more podcasts! :)

  18. Your podcast is great. Reminds me of sitting down with a cup of coffee (or tea), my knitting and a wonderful friend that has come over for a visit. As far as the socks you were given, I assume that any friend that would gift you with such a wonderful pair of socks, has learned that you are a wonderful friend. So maybe Ulli is also very lucky to have such a wonderful friend. Keep up the good work on the podcast.

  19. Kerrie, I really enjoy your podcast, especially about living in different countries in Europe. I’ll be visiting Italy in May and am looking forward to some unique yarn “souvenirs”.

    I’d enjoy one of those sock kits.

    I’ve knit a few cowls this winter—yours is on this list!

  20. Nice blog! Lovely colors and inspiring knits. Your new socks look toasty. Glad I found you. It’s nice that you’re having a contest. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

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