Prize Drawing coming soon…

February 12, 2010
As mentioned here, this month’s prize drawing is fast approaching.  Things have been a bit ‘up in the air’ for me lately and I realize, I have not yet posted pictures of this month’s prize.  So here you go:

This month’s prize is a Dyeing to Spin spindle kit.  This kit includes a basic toy spindle, 2 oz. dyed BFL combed top, 2 oz. natural BFL combed top, an assortment of food grade dye (not pictured), instructions for both spindling and dyeing (not pictured), a leader and a handy storage container for it all.  The winner of this month’s Prize Drawing is the victim of my most recent experiments; as you can see, the spindle and storage container are decorated.

If this strikes your fancy, please leave a comment anywhere on this blog by 21 February at 23:59 CEThere is a link to your time to be entered in the Prize Drawing.  Good Luck!

OK, on to this week’s post; which really is last week’s post but we won’t get into technicalities.

As you know, I have many, many project going on at one time.  From knitting, to spinning, dyeing, weaving, pattern writing (so way behind on that one!), sewing, painting, baking, other crafts and my family life… It  really is a wonder that I ever accomplish anything at all!  But I do try, really I do.  Sometimes I have everything completely under control… sometimes.  Most of the time however, I am making it up as I go along… creating time when it is required and packing away time when I have no other choice.

It is no wonder these past weeks I have needed a break from ‘things’.  A break is not always possible though and so I focus on just one thing until I feel like I’ve had a mini vacation; instead of committing myself to 10 or more things at once, I only commit to one.  That one thing has been spinning.  I have been a spinning fool.

Merino/Mohair Blend gifted by my Sister. Spindle spun and plied on Ebony Golding.

Sapphire Finn. Hand dyed. Spun 44 wpi singles, 3 plied on Louet Julia.

Turquoise Merino, giftd fr Martha. Spun and plied to 7 wpi on Louet Julia.

Pima Cotton > energized singles, 8 wpi

Pima Cotton, energized singles, 8 wpi on Louet Julia

BFL >Purchased at 2009 German Raveler Meeting fr. Spinning Martha. > 2 plied, 7 wpi

BFL, purchased at 2009 German Raveler Meeting fr. Spinning Martha. 2 plied, 7 wpi on Louet Julia.

BFL  >3 plied, 285 yds. > Fiber purchased at 2009 German Raveler Meeting fr SpinningMartha. Kolibri colorway. Spun at 40-44 wpi and 3 plied. Final 18 wpi  >>Not pictured: 210 yds 2 plied, Final 22 wpi

BFL Fiber purchased at 2009 German Raveler Meeting fr SpinningMartha. Kolibri colorway. Spun at 40-44 wpi and 3 plied. Final 18 wpi Not pictured: 210 yds 2 plied, Final 22 wpi, All on Louet Julia.

Not pictured are some leftovers of each spinning project, which are stored as energized singles for later use.  Presently I am spinning some 80’s Merino in various purples.

After playing with so many colors, I am beginning to feel the need to do some dyeing.  So, I expect that will be my next focus in the coming weeks.  Though I do have a few items which must be finished by March 1…

I have added a routine to my morning ritual… bread.  Not only the consumption of bread but the process of creating bread.  Each morning I have been creating a new sponge and them renewing the starter; baking the bread in the evening or the following morning.  Before this month, bread baking was not so often, maybe once or twice a month.  I am hoping to experiment with my basic breads and try some new recipes as well.

If you listen to the podcast, you will notice I am late recording, just as I am late posting here.  A new episode will be up next week.

If you are interested in learning details of or joining the Spring for All Craft Along, please click here.


  1. Such a great giveaway. Love your blog.

    • Your spinning is incredibly inspiring! I’ve enjoyed reading over past posts (I’m a new reader) and all in all you are quite impressive! This makes me want to learn to spin – and a spindle would be just the right start :)

  2. this is beautiful– and the deco on the prize is wonderful……
    Thank you again for sharing this and giving us a chance to win it.
    Makes a person want to get good enough to grab some of the yummy yarn and start a project……

  3. I love the decorated container and spindle! As it happens, I’ve decided I will finally learn to spin this very year (I’ve avoided it for a long time for fear it would overly tempt me to expand my already burgeoning household collection of fiber). So if I am lucky enough to be drawn as the winner of this prize, it will definitely be put to good use!

  4. What a great giveaway; I would LOVE to win it! I think your recent spinning adventures are absolutely beautiful, too!



  5. Beautiful stuff! It makes me want to spin!

  6. I’ve been wanting to try spinning but have drug my feet on actually buying a spindle. This super-cute spindle kit would be just the thing to get me going.

  7. Such beautiful yarn!

    I’ve been wanting to learn how to make yarn using a spindle. I love red and gold so this immediately caught my eye.

    Thank you for offering such a beautiful hand made item as a prize.

    MariAngel (ravelry id)

  8. Entry for KnittingDiva:

    “Hi Kerrie

    Love your blog
    Love your podcasts

    Tried to register for a free worldpress account so that I could log on and join in the fun and hopefully (had my fingers and toes crossed) win this simply sensational, absolutely gorgeous dye to spin drop spindle kit handpainted and decorated by you……………
    For some reason worldpress wouldn’t acknowledge me and allow me to register and so I just couldn’t log on to comment……..”

  9. Entry for YarnKat:

    “You’ve got some beautiful yarns you’ve spun – especially the Kolibri colorway! I wanted to comment on your blog, but I don’t have a wordpress account, so I thought I’d leave you a comment here – Beautiful beautiful yarn! You inspire one to learn how to spin – and the lovely spindle kit is just the thing!”

  10. Such wonderful things you’ve been creating! Thank you for the contest and for sharing your work.

    jenniem on ravelry

  11. Entry for Quinn:

    “I visited your blog and really enjoyed it! Wandered around and wanted to leave a comment – especially after I downloaded your pdf on making a felted bowl – sweet! thanks!! – but I don’t have the right kind of account, I guess.

    Glad to have another nice blog to visit :)”

  12. Hey, great prize you have there! Love all this yummy handspun yarn also! Very pretty!

  13. wow, so pretty! i’ve been wanting to learn to spin – maybe i’ll win and get my chance to do so! you’ve got beautiful yarns :)

  14. This is a great prize. The hand-decorated spindle is so cute! (Globalite on Rav.)

  15. I can’t believe you decorated those. They’re beautiful! I would love to win, as I’m trying to learn to spin :)
    knitmit on rav

  16. What beautiful yarn you’ve been spinning. And this is a great giveaway too. I have a young friend I’d love to asspinerate, and that would be a fun one to give her.

    (InJuneau on Rav)

  17. Absolutely beautiful! And red is my favorite color! Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    –Vickyknits on Ravelry

  18. Yay – I am now able to post! Thanks :)

  19. The spindle is so pretty. I’ve been wanting to learn to spin. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I am in the process of learning to spin and to dye. I have only done kool-aid dying so far. That was tons of fun.
    I love your decorated spindle and container. What fun. Red is my #1 favourite colour, I would love to spin that. I want to get good enough to make sock yarn. I was looking at your yarns and seeing what can be done spurs me to keep going! I’ll get there.
    Thanks for the great offering!!
    Brenda Frechette
    Manitoba2ct on Ravelry.

  21. what a cute little spindle! and gorgeous yarns and fibers! Just found your blog, off to peek around more!

  22. Wonderful kit I love the colors.

  23. I wish I could spin like you. Your Kolibri BFL yarn is gorgeous! Well, I guess I need more practice ;)
    (atthebreakofnoon from Ravelry)

  24. lovely yarns! Thanks for the giveaway. I’m naughtyknots on rav

  25. What a great thing you do here, giving everyone a chance to win great prizes.
    This would be a great way to start learning how to spin.

  26. What a great prize you are offering! I would love to try to learn spin some yarn on that spindle.

  27. one thing i have not tried yet is spinning anything except my mind with a difficult pattern! =)

  28. I really like listening to your podcasts. Although I do not spin and buy my yarn already balled and ready to knit, by listening to you I have become very interested in the whole process of dying, spinning and knitting from something I have created. My grandmother spun her own yarn and knit clothing for her family. It was not the wonderful colorways available now. As a matter of fact, her spinning wheel and other artifacts from her life are in a museum. Never know…I may get bitten after all.

  29. Nice prize! I just started spindling and am really enjoying it. Your spinning projects have yielded some lovely yarns. I especially like that last one, the predominantly blue BFL.

    Like you, I tend to spread myself a little thin. In recent years, I have tended to do one thing obsessively for a time and then move onto something else. I love to bake bread as well. My starter has been going for eleven years now!

  30. I recently found your podcast on itunes and i’m really enjoying it so far! This is a neat giveaway – I have yet to start spinning but I’m really interested in starting; i’m a long-time knitter and fiber junky.

  31. so gorgeous!! just saw your post on rav…..wonderful colors, all of it!!!

    -oonaghfibersmyth on ravelry

  32. My grandmother used to spin and knit socks for all big family. She passed 2 years ago and I realized I miss her and her socks! When I started to knit I said to myself – Oh, what a waiste of time to knit socks! I will never do that! I knit socks now fot my family and enjoy it very much. Several months ago I thought what a waste of time to spin if you can buy wool anywhere. Now I’m ready to start spinning!

  33. This makes me want to try spinning again! What a wonderful blog and giveaway! :)

  34. I love the decorated storage container! You do some amazing work!

  35. What a lovely prize! Your spinning is beautiful; I’ve never tried, but using a drop spindle looks like a lot of fun.

  36. This is so pretty! Both spinning and dyeing are next on my (very long) list of yarnie things to try. Nice job!

  37. Your yarn is so pretty, especially the Sapphire Finn one.

    -bookwormdjibouti on Rav

  38. I came across your podcast first before reading your blog, and enjoy them both. Particularly the book reviews. I have not tried spinning yet, but probably a naturally next step in my knitting and crocheting.

  39. What beautiful yarn!

    I have been wanting to learn to spin for a good while now.

  40. This spindle kit is so beautiful! And your handspun yarns aswell. Annette + Alexander

  41. I just found your podcast on Zune. I have been spinning off and on for about twenty years, but I never was a competent spindle spinner. I had the sore toes to prove it! I knew exactly what drop spindle meant. My first lessons introduced a big heavy oak drop spindle. I still have it. I keep it to remind myself not to ever buy something like that again. It might be time to try again with a smaller spindle.

  42. For a while I have been having trouble getting your podcast, but I finally got the problem fixed and am so glad to hae you back. Looking forward to the cowl pattern. Take care!

  43. Your picture makes spinning look fun. Maybe it’s time for me to learn. I also hope to hear more about your weaving.

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