Lost and Found: Episode #42, Notes

December 22, 2009

Once again, thank you to each and every listener/reader who informed me of the apparent successful load in iTunes.  As I mentioned to Nancy, I suppose I should stop asking how this is possible and just be grateful that it happened!

Notes for this past episode are listed below:

Books Reviewed:

Items Discussed:

Autumn Rose Pullover a la Knit Picks Palette

Julia Spinning Wheel by Louet

Golding Spindles

My Golding Spindle, Ebony Ring Whorl, Walnut Shaft, .84 oz.

My Golding Spindle, Solid Ebony Ring Whorl, Walnut Shaft, .84 oz.

Natalie Spindles

Bosworth Spindles

Greensleves Spindles

Hatchtown Spindles

Junk Spindles, A quick and easy tutorial (by me ^_^)

Materials required: 1 chopstick, 1 peanut butter jar lid, 1 sharp knife

Step One:

With the tip of a sharp knife (I’m using a paring knife), held at a 45% angle, carve out a small hole.

Step Two:

Depending on your preference for a Top Whorl or Bottom Whorl Spindle, push the chopstick through the hole, allowing about 1″ of the chopstick through. (I have decided to make a Bottom Whorl Spindle).

Step Three:

Spin. Wonderful tutorials can be found at SpinOffMagazine.com for both Top Whorl Spindling and Bottom Whorl Spindling.


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  1. C&P from Podcast server:

    “Name: Sheri Date: January 7, 2010

    Love the podcast!”

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