Book Review Update

November 21, 2009

If only I had this information yesterday!

Vikant Crafts Publishing sent an email stating the Special Issue Verena Knitting: In 80 Socken Um Die Welt, 30 European Sock Designs is presently being considered for publication to be made available to the Verena Knitting English language audience.  Great news, or what?

Stephanie van der Linden also sent an email to confirm that  Sock Aus Aller Welt will be made available to its English language audience in Fall 2010, published by Interweave.  I plan to review this edition once it is available, I am certain Interweave will provide charts as part of the book, as opposed to an addendum.

Keep those comments coming!


One comment

  1. Hi, I am an American living in China and love listening to your podcast. I love that you live outside the US and knit and struggle with language and still find yarn and spin etc. I recently found a building with four floors of yarn vendors. I still can’t read the labels on the yarn but I have found some yarn that is fun to knit with. I also am a bit frustrated with not being able to find yarn to felt. The only wool I am finding must be superwash and none of it is felting. I have brought felted projects with me and tried to ask for yarn to do this and no one seems to understand what I mean. Of well, I will keep trying.
    I use to speak German in High School and it seems that Chinese has eaten up what I use to know, so I think I will wait and see if this sock book goes English! It looks fun.

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