Latest Podcast Up… And a New Prize Drawing!

November 20, 2009

As mentioned in the revious podcast and on this blog, podcast notes will now be part of a blog post.

Books Reviewed:

Gorgeous designs from countries around the world, such as Finland, Croatia, Russian and The Netherlands, are represented in the special issue edition of Verena Knitting.

Although this issue is not yet available in English, a knitter can easily knit any one of these designs due to the fantastic charts accompanying the written, German, instructions.

Tall socks and short socks for Men, Women and Children in traditional and yet unique design.  Travel to countries like Scotland, Ireland and France through the discovery of socks.

Stephanie van der Linden has been something of a sock knitting rock star for years.  Though if you aren’t a German native, if you do not belong to Socken-Kreativ-Liste Yahoo Group or Ravelry, you might not know it.  Stephanie’s designs range from feminine and masculine to cute and fun to colorful and unique and of course, traditional.  In addition to sock design, Stephanie also designs women, children and infant garments, as well as toys.

Socken aus aller Welt offers 26 socks designs with interesting colorwork, beautiful lace, cables and my favorite – twisted stitches.  You will also find interesting techniques such as Vikkel braids, gusseted soles, intarsia, beadwork, embroidery, duplicate stitch and a creative solution to knitting Argyle socks in the round.  Each pattern is written out and charts are provided as an addendum to the book.

Although Socken aus aller Welt is a German title, the provided charts do make deciphering the patterns possible.  Or if you can wait, sometime in 2010, I am guessing in the Spring, two of Stephanie’s books, Der geniale Sockenworkshop and Socken aus aller Welt will be available in English through Amazon.com.

Want to get your hands on one of the patterns in Socken aus aller Welt? Delfter Blau, a colorwork design featuring a unique gusset placement is available Free as part of a German craft publication,  Wolle & Co., on page 12.  Click this link and then select ‘Wolle & Co.- Ausgabe 1/2009’, a direct PDF download.

Language barrier?  What, you don’t speak or read German? Me either!  Fortunately this high-tech, super-sonic world we live in  makes it possible to do what we think im-possible.  After Googling the phrase ‘knitting german to english’, I found many resources to help decipher German knitting instructions to English.  Below are two links I found most helpful.

Granny’s Garret

Garn Studio

I Spy:

Signature Needle Arts NEW Sock Blockers! nifty

Pörrö Sahlberg’s DIY Yarn Swift!

Seeking color inspirations?  Colr.org

Product Review:

I have loved Karen’s etsy shop, KaratStix, since I discovered it.  Handsome, well-made crafter’s tools with attention to detail and custom orders at GREAT pricing.  The perfect stop for birthdays, holidays and swaps.  Earlier in the year I asked Karen if she might be able to produce spinner’s tools such as a diz or plying tool.  Four weeks later, Karen surprised me with both!

The diz is fantastic, enabling one who preps fiber to create a traditional roving or pencil roving, as well as thick and bulky singles.  Like all of Karen’s products, I love this tool for both it’s function and it’s incredible cuteness.

The plying tool is equally cute and also very functional.  The four small holes toward the center are perfect for fine singles to be plied one, two and three times.  The larger holes along the outside enable a spinner to get creative, ply thicker singles, for plying cabled yarns and artisan singles, too.

Though not regular items in the shop, Karen is always accommodating to custom orders at KaratStix’s Etsy shop.

Prize Drawing

I really do love Karen’s shop, KaratStix.  I love it so much, I want to share two of her items with YOU!

Front of the Kitchener Key Fob

Back of the Kitchener Key Fob

Alpaca stlyed WPI ToolWPI Tool Key Fob

These are only examples and not the actual items to be won. The winner will receive a Kitchener Key Fob and a WPI Tool of thier choice, to include customizations.  Karen has decorated her tools with images such as flowers, sheep and yarn to skulls and crossbones, she can do it all!

Just leave a comment anywhere on this blog from today until 13 December 2009 at 23:59 CET* and you will be entered to win!  Please note, while you can make as many comments as you would like, only one entry per person is counted.

Also, I do moderate all comments and your comment will not show immediately… it might not even show for days :”)

*What time is 23:59 CET in YOUR time zone?  Click here.



  1. Love the podcast and blog!

  2. Wow, maybe that way I might remember Kitchener without hunting for the You-Tube video every single time!

  3. I like listening to your podcast a lot. Especially since you were on vacation in Germany and now live there. I hope that everything will work out for you. If you need help translating the German patterns, just ask for help. And whenever you want to visit Munich, give me a call :-)

    Marcia from Munich

  4. I will for sure be looking to see the patterns in that sock book and verena. It would be nice if the book eventually is available in Eng.
    The KaratStix prizes sound Great!

    I have also done similar things with my yarn/books/mags. in the past and am also currently organizing everything better. It helps now that both my sons each have a room on 3rd level (nonflat walls also on 2nd/3rd level, being that we lifted our Aframe house for more space). My younger son took the lofty room. We are both happy about the switch. Since my yarn, etc.. room is on 2nd floor it is so much more inviting. I don’t put anything knitting related in the downstairs office now. Our computer in on the 1st level, but the 2nd floor isn’t too far away. I always felt I love to have all my stuff as near to myself as possible while it is waiting its turn to be used. Take care!

  5. Loved the last cast I enjoyed it very much. I have been stalking Karatstix; they are so pretty.

  6. Thanks for another great podcast – the books in German give me an idea – instead of normal language learning books, we could write a Knitting Conversations in German or Knitting Conversations in French – what else do we need to discuss in a foreign land….garn lagern???

  7. I made my comment on the podcast site, so here it is again:
    “I finally got to listen. Had a week to visit my mum & dad, so when we got back there was a large backlog of ‘casts for me to enjoy. It was a good podcast, as is usual, LOL. I particularly liked the review of the books & patterns. And, I like Karen’s shop, too’ it’s nice to visit there. Keep up the good work & I like the bi-weekly ‘cast just fine!” docM

  8. Thanks for the info on the homemade swift! I’ve been wanting a swift. Maybe now I can make my own.

  9. I think the alpaca WPI tool is just the cutest thing. I will be checking out this Etsy shop for sure.

  10. I always love the reviews of books and magazines. I look forward to the knitting units you are posting. I am off to look at how-tos for home made swifts.

  11. You have one of the top podcast! Thank you for keeping us updated on all the neat items, books and yarn etc. I like you give your honest Opinion. Bless you heart.
    Great Swift

  12. I love your honest reviews of books and products. You have pointed me to some excellent websites. Keep up the podcasting!!

  13. Great podcast, as usual, and I especially love your reviews. You make me feel like I’m sitting next to you looking at the book or magazine.


  14. So glad to hear that Verena might publish an English edition of their special sock issue!

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