Little Things

November 12, 2009

Post Halloween Sugar Withdrawals, Strep Throat, Scarlet Fever, Rota Virus, Tummy Aches, 24 hr Bug and plenty of Tween Attitude and Tyke Tantrums.  Compounded with setting up the house, a leaking pipe, a blown alternator and an empty rental unit.  Resulting in very little sleep and an increase in stress.  Additionally, my chocolate intake has increased and knitting time has been scarce these past weeks.

Happily, the kids are climbing the Hill-o-Health, Hubby arrived home and is able to help set up the house, leaking pipes and alternators are easily fixed (though not yet) and while the empty rental unit will hurt tremendously, it will all pan out come tax season.  And so, I am knitting again.  Happiness.

One room I eagerly await unpacking and setting up is the top floor as it serves as our family office and a semi-studio space.  I have to go out and buy shelving, which I am very hesitant to do, due to the financially impeding issues mentioned above.  I will make-do until some of those issues resolve, keeping my stash in the huge, lidded plastic containers and books in stacks about my desk and floor space.

I am still wondering where to house my spinning wheel, Julia,  though.  Somehow, I don’t think the office space is the right place.  But, placing Julia in the living room is akin to giving the 4-year-old a screwdriver and the 1-year-old a hammer to have at it.  Fortunately, the Julia is lightweight and can easily be moved around.  Gosh, I really look forward to spinning on her again!  I want to bang out the Finn and get going on some Cormo.  :sigh:

In my short spurts of free time, I have been working on Knit Study III.  I am hoping to have it ready for December 1st, sooner if possible.  Then I will backtrack to spiffy up Knit Study I and begin putting together Knit Study II.  How backwards is that?

Be sure to catch the next Podcast,  I will be announcing a new Prize Drawing!


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