Sneaking In…

October 26, 2009

We have been in the new house for just about a week  now and are waiting for the internet to be ‘hooked up’.  I’ve dashed down to the library to place this post with the burning question – Who won the Regia?

Let me first announce that we did have one reader submit two comments.  The first comment counts, the second does not.  So, using Random.org I entered numbers 1 -23 and the lucky winner is #9!  That would be Peacockmom.  Please send me your mailing address and I will get this gorgeous skein to you as soon as possible ^_^ Congratulations!

Thanks to all who played along.  If you did not win, please know I will be hosting more prize drawing in the near future ^_^



  1. How thrilling! I have the biggest smile on my face now that it almost hurts. :) The yarn reminds me of our peacocks here who are “honking” at me to feed them.
    Thanks so much for your generosity. When I saw the yarn all I could think of was how to get some which is difficult to figure out here down under.
    Hugs from the peacock palace-
    PS. October 26 has always been a special day for us. My husband asked me to marry him “in 5 years when we graduate from college” at the high school homecoming dance on that date in ’63. :)

    • Hi Tunie ^_^ Prize will be en route tomorrow in the AM. What a cute/special/sweet story about you and DH!

  2. So glad you are getting settled. Did all your house hold goods arrive in one piece?

    • They did arrive but one piece did not always apply, unfortunately. In fact, I should blog about this… Thanks for the well wishes ^_^

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