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Sneaking In…

October 26, 2009

We have been in the new house for just about a week  now and are waiting for the internet to be ‘hooked up’.  I’ve dashed down to the library to place this post with the burning question – Who won the Regia?

Let me first announce that we did have one reader submit two comments.  The first comment counts, the second does not.  So, using I entered numbers 1 -23 and the lucky winner is #9!  That would be Peacockmom.  Please send me your mailing address and I will get this gorgeous skein to you as soon as possible ^_^ Congratulations!

Thanks to all who played along.  If you did not win, please know I will be hosting more prize drawing in the near future ^_^


Announcement: Prize Drawing

October 13, 2009

If you’ve caught the latest podcast, you know I bought an extra skein of Regia Amerika Color and am passing it along to a lucking listener/reader ^_^

Regia Amerika Color, Las Vegas, 100gr.

Regia Amerika Color, Las Vegas, 100gr.

Just leave a comment anywhere on this blog and you will be entered to win.  Please note, I do screen comments and your comment will not be visible right away.  Entry deadline is 11:59 CET 25 October 2009, here you will find a World Clock to convert this time to your time zone.

Good Luck and Thanks for Playing  ^_^



October 6, 2009

I have been a baaa-d blogger and podcaster.

If you are a listener, you will know that in my last ‘cast I mentioned alternating podcasting and blogging each week.  Clearly, that has not happened in these past two weeks.  The brief explanation is that our desire to find a home as quickly as possible had munched up my leisure time.  The little time left was for knitting, a must really.  Otherwise, I may pack my bags and run away to an exotic, tropical locale… ah, but then what to knit?  As many patterns that exist for knitted bikinis, none seem to stand up when wet.  I suppose I will have to stay here with the family and continue the search for a home.

The search has happily come to a halt.

Yes, you may throw your hands up in the air and yell, “Horaay!”  I am.

On my birthday, 27 September, we made a verbal agreement with a homeowner.  By Friday, 2 October, we had signed the contract.  Yipee!  Again, throw your hands when you deem necessary.  So, while I had planned a podcast this past week, I found that much of my time in the middle of the week was spent combing over the housing contracts, acquiring local accounts, etc, etc.  So that, by Friday, we were able to sign the contract.  We are all quite excited about finally finding a home, no one more so than me, the one who handles 4 kids in a small suite each. and. every. day.

We will not be moving in until 15 October so I will make this one blog post and one podcast before that date.  Once the Big Day arrives, once again I will fall to hiatus until we are settled in.  Settling in usually takes me a l-o-n-g time but I am determined to make a house a home (or at least livable) within a two week period.  It will be So Nice to have my beloved Stash and Library again.  *sigh*

So, I mentioned that I have indeed been knitting.  I have been working on various socks, some blocks and a blanket.

Since the last post I have finished:



SKA Mystery Socks, Fox Faces by Nancy Bush

SKA Mystery Socks, Fox Faces by Nancy Bush

Green Marlenes, #03 Marlene by Cookie A.

Green Marlenes, #03 Marlene by Cookie A.

I am knitting:

Tabi Socks, my own design

Block, various fr stitch dictionaries

Levi Baby Blanket

Crenellation, a Hunter Hammersen Mystery Sock

Magic Mirror, a Jeannie Cartmel design

Clandestine, a Cookie A. design

TTL Mystery Socks, a Kirsten Kapur design

Now, I mentioned my birthday was last week… the stars were certainly aligned for me!  Not only did my family celebrate my birthday all week long, ending with a lovely dinner this past Sunday, but I won some drawings, too!  Hunter Hammersen hosted a prize drawing for Zoe Sock yarn by Shalimir Yarns and a complimentary pattern, to celebrate the release of her newest design, Xanthophyll. I was completley shocked when I recieved a message from Hunter, telling me I had won the drawing!  I have admired Hunter’s designs since her first released pattern, Popped.  Hunter’s new pattern, Xanthophyll is a great design suitable for both men and women, as many of Hunter’s patterns are, and I had hoped to select it but DD was at my side during all this excitement and asked with the biggest hazel eyes, ‘Can you please pick Ensnared and knit them for me?’  What’s a Mom to do?  Ensnared was selected but Hunter surprised me yet again by sending both PDF patterns.  Wow.  Hunter, thank you once again.  I am knitting Hunter’s Mystery Sock this month but will cast on for the Ensnared in November.

All the running around this past week left me little time for Ravelry as well.  I was surprised yet again to discover my ears had been burned in the Monthly Adventures Group.  Clicking on the link brought me to the ‘What Can You Make from Sock Yarn, Beside Socks?’ KAL, hosted by Purr,  for which I had knitted the Multnomah.  Purr burned my ears to let me know I had won the drawing for the KAL!  Yay!  I have no idea what I have won yet and I can’t wait to find out.  Our mods in Monthly Adventures host KALs each month, each month resulting in fantastic prize packages.  The prizes are often a mystery until they arrive, all part of the fun!

I suppose that’s it for now.  No, it’s not!  I will leave you with a teaser: Next week I will announce a Prize Giveaway… ^_^