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An Un-Update

September 7, 2009

I have to tell you, I miss podcasting and sharing with you all so much!  I have grown accustomed each week, as I read, knit and breath fiber, to share it with you and ultimately, receive great feedback, advice and your stories.

Although this move has increased our usual level of ‘hustle and bustle’, not to mention overall stress, I still find time nearly each day to do something in the way of fiber arts, to keep my sanity.  Since my last post, I have finished the following:

three more washcloths, each crocheted

a coin pouch, crocheted

Melinda’s Socks, knitted

Have dyed 4 skeins

Leaf Cravat

I have also picked up or started the following projects:

Tabi Socks

Toasty Cheeks frogged


SKA Mystery Sock

Marlene Socks


So an update to our new lives here in Germany: there is no update.

No, really!  We are still living in a hotel, I can hardly believe I am typing this but, it’s true.  It seems that a family of our size is almost an anomaly here in Germany.  Or, I should say, in a populated area.  We have been told by many realtors and locals that if we were to live in the country side, we would see many more larger families and thus, larger homes.  So we bit that cookie and began looking in the country side.

We did indeed find larger homes, gorgeous larger homes.  What pray-tell might we find faulty with these homes?  Well, taking into account the distance DH and I would have to drive for work, school, shopping, etc, we could expect to spend 1.25 hours in our car, one way.  We decided that if our quality of life were important, i.e. the kids have a safe, large, gorgeous place to live and play, then it would all be worth it.  We would simply have to adjust our lives and refine the planning of our schedules to the driving issue.  OK.

So, we found three homes ranging between 2100 and 3000 square feet.  The first home was a 6 bedroom home.  I was very excited about the prospect of having my very own office/studio but, it was not available to us because we have children.  Yup.  Can you believe the landlord did not want to rent a 6 bedroom home to a family!?!

The next home was literally next door to a farm, but we didn’t mind this at all, especially me.  The farm had sheep and goats :) The house was adorable from the roadside, an older styled Bavarian home with fruit trees in the front yard and a cobbled stone driveway.  Once we entered, I was in love.  All plank wood floors, lots of sunshine and 4 bedrooms plus an office.  Then we stepped into the back and side (away from the road) yard.  The yard was huge and overgrown with rose bushes, ivy and who knows what else.  It was literally a jungle out there.  We asked if the landlord could have the area cleared out and he said yes, but at cost to us!  We were a bit surprised, it seemed he wanted it that way!  No can, not with 4 kiddos.

The final house in the countryside was a 5 bedroom lovely.  We toured the home just elated at the size of each bedroom, the kitchen was enormous, the yard was huge (and cleared), there was an office space for my husband and a hobby room near the large family room.  But something seemed off as we toured through the house.  Then it hit us, in this gigantic house, there was but one bathroom.  No can, not with 4 kiddos.

So, we are still looking and growing increasingly concerned that we may never find the right house and must start crossing off our wish list.

As for living here so far, life is good.  It is clean and just lovely overall.  Today, we were stuck in some construction traffic and my husband turned and said, ‘Even the traffic in Germany is better!’.  It’s true!  While there seem to be an abundance of right and rules here, it is all for the sake of order, which is a stark contrast from where we were living.

I’ll bet you are wondering about fiber expeditions… I have visited a few shops and am so thrilled about each visit.  This week though, I have resisted the strongest urges to spend my money on fiber.  Why?  I am saving my purchases for this coming weekend, Sept 12 and 13.  The First German Raveler Meeting will be held in Backnang, this about 1 hour from where I am now.  There are going to be speakers from Rowan and Jess and Casey will be there, too!  Yes!  This was a surprise I learned of last week and I am just so excited.  I am contemplating taking a recorder with me, what do you think?  If there are questions you’d like me to ask, email them to me destiknitATgmailDOTcom.

OK, I think that’s it for this post…. :waves: