Getting Acquainted

August 20, 2009

I am happy to announce that we have been in Stuttgart for 6 nights, 5 days and are in LOVE with the immediate area.

Some caveats include intermittent internet access as our suite charges €10 per hour!  We are working on getting a better rate but until then, I am limiting my surfing.

Other issues we are working are obtaining our SOFA cards, taking German driving class and subsequently obtaining driver’s licenses, finding a vehicle large enough for the 6 of us and all the musts associated with that (registration,insurance, etc), finding a home to accommodate the 6 of us, registering the kiddos in school, taking German language lessons, etc, etc, etc.

Each day is quite busy but I have found time some evenings for knitting and crochet.  I have finished a few pair of socks and some washcloths for charity and gift giving.  Speaking of fiber… I searched this area for wool shops and this past Tuesday, I readied the kids for a train ride to downtown Stuttgart where I found the shop Wolle & Tee.  A quaint little shop and a delightful French proprietor, Isabelle Roche.  My quest was to find some natural sock yarn to dye as well as some ready dyed sock yarn.

I was a bit surprised at the limited sock yarn available but realized, after viewing Isabelle’s handwork displayed throughout the store, her favorite projects are childrens items and womens wear.  Most of the yarn available at Wolle & Tee is Sport weight and DK with some aran weight and oversized yarns available as well.  Despite this, I will certainly frequent Wolle & Tee again  Perhaps if I visit often, I might find more sock yarn on the shelves ;-)

I am just a child in a candy store at the moment, so many Yarn Shops at my fingertips!!!  I plan to visit at least two shops a month, my efforts in contributing to the Global economic crisis ;-)

Auf Wiedersehen!


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