June 26, 2009

So, here I am, packing for a 10 day getaway to Germany.  DH arrives home with a package for me.  I love packages.  This one is a cardboard envelope… a book?  I love books.

Within 2 minutes I have torn the packaging open to see this:

Sock Innovation by Cookie A.

Sock Innovation by Cookie A.

Ah yes, the wonderful Sock Innovation by Cookie A.  I just reviewed this book a few weeks ago… or was it last week?  I don’t know, time seems to be compacted for me lately.

I had requested a review copy but had never heard back from the publisher, so I purchased this book as a pre-order and devoured it upon arrival.  I am quite grateful that Interweave has sent this book along but since I already have a copy… let’s give it away to a lucky reader/listener!  Hope you like socks!

So, how shall we run this little contest? Hmmm?

Since I am leaving tomorrow, returning for a few days, only to leave again, this contest will run for 4 weeks.  Heck – let’s just make it 4 weeks and 6 days, that would be my youngest son’s birthday.  All you have to do is leave a comment to this post, you can say anything – well, almost anything – please don’t be vulgar ;)

I will close the contest on July 30, 2009 at 11:59 PM (Rome).  On 31 July I will use Random.org to draw a winner.  Bonne Chance!

Edited to Add:  Your comment will not show until I have approved it… please allow time for me to do this.  Also, only one comment per person – I will be checking IP addresses ;)



  1. Whee, a Contest!! Happy Birthday to your son!!

    • THANK YOU for sharing your knitterly insight. The path to a good fitting garment is math, not needle juggling. One of my first projects was a hat, a yarn store employee suggested changing the needle size. In the end, my hat was too blouse-y for a blouse. You should have seen it laying on my head! And, do you know how many hours I have spent swatching for one project, trying needle after needle? Now I can spend a few minutes with a calculator and get right into the knitting. Wish I’d thought of that a few years ago.

      Like you I’m lovin’ socks. My passion waned at one point, but is back now in full force. Socks are my favorite thing to knit, which is good because sock yarn is my favorite thing to buy. I go to the knit store vowing to stay away from the sock yarn. But, when I leave the bag has only sock yarn in it. How does that happen?

      I think part of it is that sock yarn is so dang affordable. If a sweater’s worth of yarn cost $20, I might knit those, too.

  2. I have yet to knit a pair of socks (except baby socks) — but Cookie A might turn me into a sock knitter, maybe?

    I’m with you — not a production knitter except that if I have all day every day to knit, then of course I finish more things. Now that I’m starting back to work, there’s going to be slower progress. But that’s ok….so long as I still get to knit.

  3. Hope you have a good trip to Germany. Thanks for having the contest! :)

  4. Have a great trip and we’ll be here waiting for you to get back.


  5. Fantastic contest. My first pair of socks were a Cookie A pattern (Monkeys), and I’ve made others using her free patterns. I’ve considered buying the book, but thought maybe I should branch out and try some other sock designers’ patterns but I’d welcome the chance to get my hands on it.

  6. Have a fun and safe trip! You’re lucky to be able to travel to different places. I’ve never even left the U.S. before! ‘|’

  7. Enjoy your trip to Germany! I’d love to go there, but haven’t been able to yet. Buy lots of yarn, too! :)

  8. I love knitting socks, and I really like Cookie’s patterns. Have a great time in Germany. g

  9. Oooo 2 weeks in Germany….VERY jealous!!! You could practically knit a whole pair of socks on the flight over.

    Looks like a cool book…I’m just finishing my very first pair of socks…and I’ve already started my 2nd pair…but I think that by pair 3 I’ll have to at least attempt something beyond the basic sock!

    Have a great trip, and happy birthday to your son! :)

  10. I LOVE her sock patterns. You have me drooling over here:) Have fun in Germany!

  11. Happy trails! It’s a beautiful book and I can’t wait to start working on a pair of socks…once I finish my Knitty Fish Hat…and my swallowtail shawl…. :-D

  12. I live in a small town – our yarn store doesn’t even carry this book yet! I’ve only drooled via amazon so far but cookie’s patterns are right up my alley – intricate enough to keep me interested as socks are a huge challenge for me.

  13. I love Love your blog. And your podcast. I went back and relistened to all the product review. And a happy day to your son. ~Bean

  14. Who can’t love a good contest, especially if you can win a Cookie A sock book!! I am working on her monkey sock now, and it is so easy to follow her pattern. Safe and happy and fun travels, Kerry. Who can not like you, your podcast and blog!!

  15. I hope you have a wonderful trip! I sooo understand the need to get away. Thanks for all the podcasts!
    Katherine Nguyen

  16. Fantastic… A new sock knitting book! It’s kind of you to share.

  17. Have a great trip to Germany! The third pair of socks I knitted were by Cookie A. I love her patterns.

    The contest great! (and easy…LOL)

  18. I’ve looked and looked at that book on the shelf many times, and figured someday I would treat myself to it. Perhaps this will be that treat?

    Whatever the case, thanks for the generous give away! And happy birthday to your son!

  19. Have a good trip!

    I enjoyed the Monkey pattern so I’m sure this would be a fun and challenging book from Cookie A

  20. Enjoy your holiday!
    I’m ready for the rest of the KnitStudy.
    thanks for the contest – I REALLY would like to have that book, LOL.

  21. that is so nice you are going to Germany. someday I hope I will get to travel. Happy early birthday to your son as well

    vbarton24 at gmail dot com

  22. Been looking at this book for quite some time. Thanks for the contest!

  23. I really enjoy your podcast and is among my regular ipod/knitting listening. I have just gotten back into my knitting after a long recovery from a work injury. I am a grandmother of 4 and have a long list of things to knit. Keep it up! Thank you so much for making my day more interesting.

  24. Wow, a chance to win Cookie’s book! I’m a new sock knitter and I would LOVE to have that book. I’m gonna try your toe up cast on soon! Have a great trip.

  25. Happy birthday to him. Schoene Reise in Deutschland!

  26. Excellent book for a contest. I’m in.

  27. Socks are my favorite thing to knit – adults, babies, toe up, cuff down, plain, cabled, lacy – I love them all! I love your podcast, too. Enjoy your trip. I look forward to hearing all about it on the podcast.

  28. I’d like to learn how to make socks! I think it’d be fun, if I could with stand making TWO or not is what’s stopped me before.

    Happy Birthday to your son! I do hope he has a great day and lots of Cake! Cake is the best part about Birthdays…

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great looking book!

    ~PunkBunny on Ravelry

  29. Thanks for the contest! I love sock knitting especially patterns by Cookie A. I would love this book to pieces.

  30. I love knitting socks. I mostly knit toe-up socks, but for a Cookie A pattern book, I could be persuaded to knit cuff down. Enjoy your family time. You know you need it. Big changes are a coming your way. (I think I heard you mention that you all are PCSing sometime soon, but not too far away. Still, a move is a move. Change is a change, especially to the little people) It is important that they still feel their connection to their parental units. Anyway, Good luck to you and yours. And I’m sending Cookie A vibes my way. I’m picturing that book right over here on my bookshelf.

  31. Jippieeee! I would love to win that book, am keeping my fingers crossed.
    Hope you have a nice trip to Germany:)

  32. Thank you for a wonderful contest! Have a great trip and happy birthday to your son!

  33. That book has some terrific patterns, I hear.

  34. I’ve been wanting this book. Cookie’s patterns are gorgeous!

  35. I love listening to stories of your vacations. You get to do things I only dream of! Enjoy the rest of your family time.

  36. I just recently subscribed to your podcast. I’m trying to listen to your prior pods. Thanks for providing reviews, techniques, WIPs, and your life away from the USA. Your enthusiasm about spinning makes me what to learn the craft. Knit and spin on.

  37. i so enjoy your podcast and look forward to listening to each and every one! i have long admired cookie a. and all of her socks. i would love to find out about her creative process! thanks for providing this opportunity!

  38. oooh, those socks on the cover are so pretty. I aspire to make socks like that one day. :) Jealous about Germany too.

  39. I love the area of Germany you visited. Also LOVE your podcasts.

  40. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Enjoy your vacation. I am jealous of you in Germany…. my grandparents were from Nurmberg.

  41. As a new sock knitter I would love to try some patterns from this book. Wish I were traveling to Sicily with you. I have family there!

  42. I’m a new Cookie A disciple and I’m so happy to have found your blog. I really love bloggers who give us book reviews, since I never trust the ones in the magazines. Thanks for a great blog!

  43. Hi, I’m a brand new listener. I enjoyed your recent episode and hope to catch up on back episodes soon and take a look at your yarn study. Sounds intriguing. Best wishes to you and your family for your travels. ~ Jen

  44. Love your socks Desti! Thanks for this contest, this looks like a great book.

  45. I love your podcast and I also love Cookie A. patterns. Thank you so much for podcasting and have a wonderul vacation!

  46. Want you to know I adore your Owling wristlets and Break a Bowl patterns on Ravelry. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  47. Im hooked on your podcast, keep em comming!

  48. I really enjoy your podcast. I have reserved Sock Innovation by Cookie A at my local library where I am 12th on the list….this means at least 24 weeks. Do not know if I can wait that long. I have been knitting for many years, but only 1 pair of socks ever. I am so up for knitting another pair.

  49. I love your podcast! I had my husband listen to your German journey and he very much enjoyed it. He lived there for 3 years and it brought back a lot of memories for him. Hopefully this will put his brain to working on a German vacation for us in the near future!

  50. hey there! i’ve never taken the time to comment on your blog as i usually communicate through ravelry but what motivation! ;)
    you know i failed miserably with the sock thing but i really want to succeed as i’m naturally drawn toward sock yarn for some stupid reason.
    i’m about to head over to the a-store to check out the cat bordhi sock book you just reviewee.
    i love your podcast btw – thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us. and i love the chitchat tone that makes me feel like i’m sitting down having a nice tea with a friend:) (actually that’s what i often do as i listen ;))
    i hate your book reviews though – they make me want to buy them all! ;)

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