What the Plurk!

June 24, 2009

I have quite a lot to catch up on but the first item to address is the most recent – Plurk.

‘What is Plurk?’

To my surprise, many listeners, readers, Tweeters and Ravelers have asked this question in the past 48 hours.  Plurk is making my networking life a whole lot easier.  From one site, Plurk, I post my updates/comments.  They are streamed over to Twitter and Facebook – no extra entries required!  Some may say, “Um, so what.”  But for me, Plurk has removed the stress of using these great Networking applications/sites because – c’mon – time is limited and valuable!

On to the good stuff:

Dyeing – I joined a Dye -Long and Swap over in the Makin’ Cookies group in Ravelry.  I was assigned to dye a skein of yarn for Debbie, who loves pinks, oranges and teal.  Hmmm…. would these all go together?  I decided to dye a skein in a pink semi-solid colorway.  The result was nice but not at all exciting.  I am guessing Debbie is an exciting person, based on her color preferences.  I then sprinkled orange, yellow and teal dots of color over the now pink-semi skein.

Makin' Cookies DAL

Makin' Cookies DAL

Spinning – I haven’t really been good about spinning these past weeks.  But, I have played with my fiber stash quite a bit.  As mentioned in the podcast, I had ordered a pair of hand combs.  These are my first hand combs, I’ve never touched a pair in my life before they arrived in the mail last week.  I put them to use almost immediately and I just love them!  They are pretty, too.

My New Hand Combs <3

My New Hand Combs <3

Knitting – After sitting on the needles far too long, I’ve finally finished the Pomatomus for DD.  That’s all I’m saying about that ;)  On to the next pair!

Poms for Z

Poms for Z

Felting – After combing some wool, I decided to felt some more as well.  This time, I was going for a lightweight, lacy piece.  The end result, was just what I had been going for.  Next time, I may embed some Angelina or sequins.

Lacy Felt

Lacy Felt

Crochet – Yes, Crochet!  I’ve finally relaxed and tackled the hook!  DD took this journey with me, though her interest isn’t as high as mine, she felt satisfied after completing a granny square and hasn’t picked up the hook since.  I, on the other hand, have learned a handful of stitches and am now learning to follow a pattern and read the charts.

Crochet Study

Crochet Study

Finally, non fiber crafting is always alive and well in our home.  School is out and I have resolved to do at least one craft/activity a week with the kids.  Last week brought a few activities:

We started the week by making Sun Tea.  De-Lish-Us.

Sweet Sun Tea

Sweet Sun Tea

Then we tackled the Crayon Box.  Let me explain the Crayon Box:  A large packing box where broken, small and unlabeled crayons lay in peace.  We have been adding to this “collection” for  more than 6 years as I just can not seem to throw away what are otherwise, good crayons.  I decided we would give new life to these crayons.

Remembering a failed childhood attempt where my sister and I baked crayons in my Easy Bake Oven.  We thought we would melt down our broken crayons in the mini cake pans and have new, funky crayons.  It didn’t go so well for a few reasons:  the rather high temperature caused an awful smell and lots of smoke in our bedroom and removing the small, hot mini cake pans from the oven without spilling all the super-hot wax proved to be a challenge.

I decided the kids and I would do something similar but much safer and hopefully with better results.  We lined some cupcake tins and added the broken crayons, popped them in a low-temp oven until melted, allowed them to cool and Viola! Cool, funky crayons!

Cool, Funky Crayons

Cool, Funky Crayons

Cool, Funky Crayons

Cool, Funky Crayons

Flash forward to Thursday.  The kids and I went to the store in need of wrapping paper for Father’s Day.  I hate buying wrapping paper – it seems like such a waste of money.  After much conversation with the kids, I remembered a roll of craft paper stored behind a shelf.  We unrolled the paper and took out the new Funky, Cool Crayons and the kids just scribbled away (sitting under crayons above).  Dad agreed, this was the best wrapping paper, ever.



  1. Again, photos have lost quality in streaming and resizing :(

  2. I was so glad to see/hear your new podcast. Really missed you.

  3. The link for the hand cards didn’t work, where did you get them please?

    • :”) I will have to dig that one up… The hand crafter used to sell via another ‘shop’ but has since started selling on his own in e-bay. His name is Benjamin Green and he is great to work with. HTH ^_^

      • Thanks so much

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