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Spring for Babies KalCal and Prize Info

February 23, 2009

New details – soooo exciting!  Many wonderful people have donated to the KalCal and so, the ‘rules’ (if there were any) have changed just a bit.  Please click here or over in the side bar, the Spring for Babies link, for the details on participating in this KalCal and the opportunity to win prizes!

Thanks for being patient and understanding ;)


Contest Items Sent

February 22, 2009

So, I’ve been waiting since before the contest for some items to arrive, to include the prizes.  If you have been listening to the podcast from the beginning, you know mail is very s-l-o-w getting here most times.  I am expecting over 12 packages to arrive, some that were ordered 3 mos ago!  

So, I just couldn’t sit back and wait any longer, I had to order something and now, since I know who the winners are, I can have the items sent directly to them – whew!


So, Maevie won a set of stitch markers from AnniePurl’s Etsy Shop, aren’t they purdy?:

Blueberry Bliss by AnniePurls Etsy Shop


PattybVT won a skein of Araucania Ranco in Sky Blue from Simply Socks Yarn Co.:


Araucania Ranco Sock

Araucania Ranco Sock


Again, Congratulations Ladies!  


The Spring KAL/CAL for Babies has begun.  I am actively seeking prizes and welcome any prize donations.  Email destiknit AT gmail DOT com  :) Thanks!







Spring for Babies KAL/CAL

February 21, 2009

I’ve decided to go ahead and start our first KAL/CAL to benefit Babies. Baby knits are fast and easy and suitable for all experience levels.

Considering the numerous charities throughout the world, I will leave the choice of charity up to you. I am a firm believer in Charity at Home and will accept knits for neighbors, etc to be included in this KAL/CAL.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, letting me know your intent to participate and post your FOs in the new DTP Flickr Group. The Flickr Group is by invitation only, so you will be prompted to request invitation which I will approve ASAP.

So, to get things rolling, here are a few suggested patterns:

Saartje’s Booties

Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap

Pinwheel Baby Blanket

Curly Purly Soakers

Berry Baby Hat

Better than Booties

Blue Booties

Preemie Hats

Hooded Baby Blanket

As for prizes, I have one prize reserved but am seeking donations from vendors and artisans… prize details to follow soon…

ETA: It’s been decided, the KAL/CAL will end and the drawing will be held on May Day – May 1, 2009. I am actively seeking prize donations, so stay tuned for details.


Drumroll Please….

February 15, 2009

…. We have a winner!

PattyBVT! Congratulations PattyBVT! Please send contact me by email, leave a comment or PM me in Ravelry with your preferences and mailing address. This was fun, let’s do it again sometime ;)


Below is the screen snapshot of the ‘drawing’:


iTunes Contest Prize Drawing

iTunes Contest Prize Drawing


Early Release This Week…

February 12, 2009

… Why?

Because we’re having a PRIZE DRAWING!!!

Maevie has won the door prize and doesn’t even know! hehehe

You can win the next prize – and it’s easy to enter – all you have to do is go to iTunes and leave a comment about the Podcast!  

But hurry – this is a short contest – I will assign each comment a number and then randomly select a winner at Midnight PST (9am Rome) on Sunday Feb 15th. (click here for a time converter)

So, what’s up for grabs?

Winner’s Choice of one of the following Surprise Theme Packages:

  • Socks
  • Lace
  • Spin
  • Mitts

So you actually read down this far?  GO!  Leave a comment!   ;)


ETA – Due to the ‘distance’ issue and my wanting to get prizes out ASAP, I have decided to go through a third party to send the prizes out – will keep the winners posted ;)


A Day Late…

February 7, 2009

… and a dollar short.  That’s how it goes, right?  Well, this seems to be my mantra this past 10 days.  Yesterday was the weekly podcast, I made note of some Previews and ezine releases and what happens?  Today I see Interweave Knits Spring 2009 Preview.  Wowsa!  I am not falling for all the designs but this issue looks really great.  

Connie Chang Chincio, one of my favorite new designers has two great designs in this issue – and one, Soap Bubble Wrap, will be posted exclusively at from Feb 24,2009 – May 25, 2009!  How sweet is that!?!  The other, Silk Cocoon Cardigan, is a ballet wrap-style cardigan featuring trellis cables at the cuffs and shoulders.  Tres feminine, and that, is Connie’s signature.  


Silk Cocoon Cardigan by Connie Chang Chincio

Silk Cocoon Cardigan by Connie Chang Chincio

The Soap Bubble Wrap is a wrap cardigan with the Sun Spot stitch Pattern from Barbara Walker splashed on the right shoulder and the left hip.  I love this unexpected detail and can’t wait for the release of this pattern.



Soap Bubble Wrap by Connie Chang Chincio

Soap Bubble Wrap by Connie Chang Chincio

While there are several cardigan designs, this is the Spring issue after all, there are also two lace designs as well as a featherweight stole.  Also, just what you might expect in the Spring issue.  But there are so many pleasant little surprises in the issue: A pair of lace stockings, an interestingly textured slip dress, an unconventional halter, a versatile shawl (shown on the model as a skirt) by Norah Gaughan, a unique shoulder bag and my favorite surprise, the Baa Rug by Becca Smith, a rug knit from wool roving and fingering weight yarn.  


Baa Rug by Becca Smith

Baa Rug by Becca Smith

So this post is really a two or three in one… so please forgive the lack of photos above as I must catch up.


OK, last week I mentioned the CPSIA – I want to let all know that a stay has been granted but, this does not mean it’s all over.  What it does mean is we have 1 year to form together to demand the CPSIA is amended.  This also means if you manufacture safe items, you may continue to do so without fear of fines or imprisonment.  Please take this time to educate yourself, learn the facts and raise your voice.  Great info can be found at or  


So I finished the Transformers hat and DS2 just loves it.  So much so I have not been able to weave in the ends or block it as he seems to be wearing it at all times.


Transformers Hat

Transformers Hat

Oh!  I won!!! I won, I won, I won!! I am sooo excited about this!  Sydney and Marley, of Knaked Knits and Yarn Thing hosted a Holiday KalCal.  There were so many prizes to be one, making the odds of winning even better – thank you ladies!  Anyhow, I won Get Ziggy (ravel it!) from Anny Purls! Yay!  I also noticed two Ravelry friends won, too!  ToadyJoe won the Vogue Knitting 25th Anniversary Book and FariySari won a pattern PDF of her choice from Twist Collective.  Congrats to all winners!  Thanks again to Sydney and Marley and all the prize contributors.

So what else… well, if you listen to the Podcast, you know already!  So, go listen!!  Please post comments in iTunes, pretty please!


I am still working on learning to crochet – going ok but I get sort of confused. :/ IDK – seems easy but …

So, I released a pattern – it is FREE!  I actually just sang that sentence to you :) PrivetKnits and I had a little convo and I suggested combining Fetching with Owls.  She asked me to do it.  I did it. The pattern in is called Owlings (ravel it!) And now I share it with you all, Gratis.  I will say, I think I should have gone into publishing because I love creating aesthetically pleasing PDFs.  But, I realize this is not kind to our printers or pocketbooks so you will find a plainer version, more B&W here.




So, I have had a busy-ish week family wise and hadn’t been over in Ravelry this week.  I just left Ravelry – I won there, too!  OMG!  Aztecmonkey hosted the Phat Phlag KAL in Monthly Adventures, for which I knit DS2 2 hats, the blue one and the Transformer one!  That Aztecmonkey had a tough job choosing a winner – so she chose all!!! Yup! She gave everyone a prize!  UnBeLievAble!  Thank you Maribel!!!! (((H)))

I think I’ll end this here, don’t want to dry your eyes out! ;)  See ya next week!