FOs WIPs and Swag! O My!

December 13, 2008

There are sooo many link in this week’s Podcast Notes – be sure to check them out!

So this week I have finished two hats, one  for DS2 and one forDS3.  DS2 wanted a Transformer hat and I started it but I just know I will not have it finished for Christmas.  So, I decided to whip up a plain ole vanilla hat for now and save the Transformer hat for his birthday, which is after Christmas.


DS2 hat

DS2 hat



DS3, being the newbie in the group and not having any winter hand-me-downs to inherit, was in dire need of a head covering.  I had planned to knit a simple cap with earflap and i-cord to tied under the chin.  Then I spied a design from Drops and decided he MUST have this hat:


DS3 Hat

DS3 Hat



I am pleased to have started and finished both hats this week and am that much closer to being finished with Holiday knitting.  I still must complete the Kenobi, one slipper and one sock.  That’s it!  But we are getting closer to the big day!  I am beginning to think the Kenobi will also be saved for after Christmas, for our Anniversary instead.  So, just in case, I have CO for a pair of Dashing.  Always have a back-up plan! ;)

Now, don’t let this post fool you, I have not had an internet connection for a week now!  I happen to be ‘bumming’ a friend’s internet at the moment.  But, not having the internet at my fingertips has again, led to some other productivity.  I enhanced my Fiber Facts template and created a Fiber Facts Notebook which is available through Lulu.com  It is spiral bound and has lots of space for note taking and a great chart in the back for keeping track of farms and retailers.

I also created a Destiknit CafePress shop, splashing some of my graphics on a few products:


Destiknit mino HD

Destiknit mino HD




Destiknit Roomy Tote

Destiknit Roomy Tote



So, what’s up with all this merchandise stuff?  Well, I am searching for ways to create some revenue to support the Podcast and Blog… we are talking pennies on the dollar here, I am not at all aiming to ‘get rich’.  I had considered, as some have suggested, to add a “Donate” button but I thought better of it.  

Well, aside from all that – I also managed to type out and load up the pattern for Blue Booties!  A direct link to the PDF can be found here or you can Ravel It here.  I have made an effort to present the pattern in a easy-to-read/understand format.  If you have any problems or if there are any mistakes, please email me destiknit AT gmail DOT com.

Hmmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something… 

Oh, spinning!

I did do a bit of spinning this week, mostly plying… I’ll save that for next week!


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