MA Photo Contest Winners!

November 10, 2008

Congratulations to MA Photo Contest Winners!!!


First Place Winner: Alpaca  by Purr (19)


Runners Up: Dragonfly by Cathvs (18)

                    Hanging Hanks by Kariola (16)


There were so many great submissions and I am sure the voting was tough for everyone.  The following are Honorable Mentions based on vote:  


                                        Skeins by Cathvs (15)

                                        Mushrooms by MrsGryphon (14)

                                        Pink Flower by Sulkycat (14)

                                        Dutch Porch by GrF (13)

                                        Piggies by GrF (12)

This is a new form, please fill it out so that I can go ahead and edit photos and submit them for printing.  If this form is not filled out I will not be able to make up the calendars or other materials for the MA Marketplace.  Once the forms have been recieved, I will have prizes sent out and merchandise up for sale! 


Thanks to all you lovelies for playing along!  Maybe we can do this again sometime!




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