Adventures in Plying

November 7, 2008


In last week’s Podcast I had mentioned that I learned the Navajo ply using the “Ply-on-the-fly” technique for 3-ply.  I completely forgot to post pictures!  This week, I learned to do a 2-ply using the Andean technique. Both are my first attempts at plying and, while not perfect, I love them both!  Using a spindle is far more  enjoyable than I could have imagined!  Still, I can’t wait to get a spinning wheel!  


Navajo Ply (on the Fly)

Navajo Ply (on the Fly)




Andean Ply

Andean Ply



  1. That’s really inspiring! I haven’t done any spinning yet, but I know I shouldn’t get a wheel until I know whether I really want to spin or not. I want to make a drop spindle and am fascinated with plying. I haven’t researched it much yet but the one tutorial I saw (on knitty) they used a wheel to ply so I was a little down after seeing that because I wasn’t sure how plying would work with a spindle. But your work is gorgeous and (as I said before) very inspiring! Thank you for sharing! I love your blog!

  2. Thanks Heidi! I understand your apprehension in Spinning – it took me a year to finally get to it! But now that I’m doing it, I can’t imagine NOT spinning! I truly look at yarns a whole new way. Definitely get started with a spindle and try BFL fiber if you can – it is very easy to draft. Good Luck and Thanks again!!

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