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Spinning, Dyeing and Overcoming Fears

November 14, 2008

This week has been quite a triumphant week for me, fiber-wise.  It began with my dyeing a few tops of BFL:





I then dyed another, smaller top and forgot to take pictures of it because I was so wanting to spin it up!


I wanted to spin a single but with a barber-pole effect – I think I accomplished my goal! 

In retrieving these pictures, I realize I had not posted photos of my version of the UltraLight Lisard, which I had mentioned in the last Podcast, here is a photo:

And this is not all I’ve done this week!  I also knitted just a little of the Kenobi.  I now have the front and collar to complete and then on to blocking and finishing.


And finally, my proudest milestone of the week, knit-wise, is overcoming my Fair Isle issues.  I still have much to learn of course and even more to refine, but I am quite pleased with my results so far.

Of course, I have also Podcasted this week as well and would you believe, I even managed to keep up with this weeks chores?  Now ask me how much sleep I’ve had.





Product Review

November 14, 2008

Christmas has already arrived for me … well, mostly.  One of my new favorite items is a cute little container.  I could go on and on about it but, well, just look for yourself:








Isn’t he cute!  This is from Clover and is under $10, at least mine was – I bought it at Knit Picks.


MA Photo Contest Winners!

November 10, 2008

Congratulations to MA Photo Contest Winners!!!


First Place Winner: Alpaca  by Purr (19)


Runners Up: Dragonfly by Cathvs (18)

                    Hanging Hanks by Kariola (16)


There were so many great submissions and I am sure the voting was tough for everyone.  The following are Honorable Mentions based on vote:  


                                        Skeins by Cathvs (15)

                                        Mushrooms by MrsGryphon (14)

                                        Pink Flower by Sulkycat (14)

                                        Dutch Porch by GrF (13)

                                        Piggies by GrF (12)

This is a new form, please fill it out so that I can go ahead and edit photos and submit them for printing.  If this form is not filled out I will not be able to make up the calendars or other materials for the MA Marketplace.  Once the forms have been recieved, I will have prizes sent out and merchandise up for sale! 


Thanks to all you lovelies for playing along!  Maybe we can do this again sometime!




Adventures in Plying

November 7, 2008


In last week’s Podcast I had mentioned that I learned the Navajo ply using the “Ply-on-the-fly” technique for 3-ply.  I completely forgot to post pictures!  This week, I learned to do a 2-ply using the Andean technique. Both are my first attempts at plying and, while not perfect, I love them both!  Using a spindle is far more  enjoyable than I could have imagined!  Still, I can’t wait to get a spinning wheel!  


Navajo Ply (on the Fly)

Navajo Ply (on the Fly)




Andean Ply

Andean Ply


MA Photo Contest – Update!

November 1, 2008

Today is the official start of voting for your favorite MA photos.  Selected photos will be used to create a calendar to represent MA and it’s  members.  Please keep this in mind when voting :)

MAers, vote here!