Holiday Knitting Updates

October 13, 2008

I have found that by outing myself, that is, by posting my holiday knit list in my Ravelry groups, my KALs and here on the blog, I have found motivation to get my tail in gear.  I’ve finished a cowl for DD and I finally finished that Baby Sweater, now to focus on the other items:

  • Kenobi-DH-15%
  • Mitts-DD-10%
  • Hat-DS1-0%
  • Hat-DS2-0%
  • Booties-DS3-0%
  • Mitts-DH-0%
  • Socks-DS3-10%
  • Slippers-DS2-15%
  • Socks-ME-10%
There are other items that I plan to knit but these are the ‘high priority” items.  The Kenobi is time consuming, simply due to it’s size – it’s a men’s sweater – ’nuff said.  The next three items are daunting for me, as they are all stranded projects and one of them is actually an “off the cuff” design.  I am not so excited  to start any of the stranded projects but I suspect that once I get going, I will enjoy it and it will go quickly – I hope.  In fact, I am praying to the knitting goddesses that will be the case.

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