Sleeve One, Done! ~ and a personal rant

October 1, 2008

My regular knitting list is large, for me, who finds it difficult to finish anything.  That said, my holiday knit list is huge.  I am trying to knit a little every day, hoping to finish in time for the holidays.  This morning, I finished the first sleeve of Scott’s Kenobi.  

I should feel great about it, instead, I have this sinking feeling.  I don’t believe I will finish all I have chocked up for myself.  In the last post, I only listed the items I absolutely want to have finished for the holidays.  I know the other items (socks, socks, more socks, a top for me) have no chance of being finished until Spring, at best.  Still, I have doubts.  


It has been 2 months and I still do not have this schedule thing down.  Life with four kids is consuming all my time.  I really thought the fourth will be easy, I had scheduling mastered up until now.  The fact is, #4 needs me all day long, #3 needs a fair amount of attention for attention sake as well as some learning time.  And, while #2 and #1 are in school during the day, they need my attention when they are home in form of help on homework, an ear to rant to and with #1, advice on friendship and the like.  

They are in bed at 7:30, 8 the latest. I previously believed I would have non-stop knitting time from 8 to midnight… haha!!  It has been proven that exactly at 8, #4 needs to be held and about an hour after that, is hungry.  This cycle continues until midnight, when he finally settles down to sleep for three hours, then eats one last time until 6 am.  I have been killing myself and trying to stay up until 4 am most nights, then up at 6 to feed #4 and get #1 and #2 ready for school.  

Bottom line, I am falling apart at the seams – with the utmost grace, of course.

Excuse the rant-and-a-half, please.

So, I have picked myself off the floor and dusted myself off.  I can get this knitting done.  I will get this knitting done.  Plus my KALs, and teach knitting and… Oh, wait, I’m doing it again.  So, to divert myself from all this, I’ve taken up a new hobby, sick aren’t I?  Spinning.  I’ve made a top whorl drop spindle and have been practicing with … polyfill, ew! …  I know, a sin, but I am waiting for my BFL to arrive.  Despite the horrible texture and results of the polyfill, I am enjoying spinning… when I find the time. ;)


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