What’s on My Sticks?

September 15, 2008

Whether it is being worked everyday, once a week or tossed in the “for later” basket, there is always something on my sticks.  Which is why I have so many needles and have just ordered more.  Insane, I know.  Some might ask, ‘Why don’t you just move the projects to stitch holder or scrap yarn?’  

Ah, easy to say, not easy to do.  I’ve done this before and, after a long and restful hibernation, I have picked up the project – a sweater, for example – and can not for the life of me remember which needles I used.  Of course, this was all before Ravelry and my newer, organized, record keeping self (ha!), but still – I simply prefer to have the needles in the project.  If this means multiple needles, so be it.

At the moment I have several projects in the works.  From socks, to sweater, scarves to rugs, I have employed many sets of needles.  The oldest project on needles at the moment are a pair of Pomotomus for Darling Z.  These were started in June of this year and, once I was confident in pattern and my gauge, they were tossed in the basket.  I hope to finish these by next Spring.


Poms for Z

Poms for Z



The next hibernating project is the February Baby Sweater, up-sized for Darling Z, also started in June.  I stopped knitting this one once I started the button holes, realizing I had not selected buttons and did not have any on hand.  Just three days ago I found the perfect button online and purchased three.  This too, I hope to finish by Spring.


February Young Lady Sweater

February Young Lady Sweater



In June, I also cast on for gauge, a lace project for a KAL to begin in July.  The South Seas Stole was such a pleasure to knit.  Was?  Yes, was.  I finished the body of the stole just in time for the KAL to end.  However, I have not yet finished the stole, as the border remains undone.  I was hoping to start the border sometime this month but other KALs, obligations and, of course, holiday knitting has me otherwise occupied at the moment.  I am hoping to cast on for the border once my holiday knitting is complete.  

South Seas Stole
South Seas Stole

Dr. Thuja has been on my needles for way too long.  Although I only just cast on at the end of August, these socks, which are worsted weight house socks, should really be finished by now.  What is taking me so long?  I am not sure exactly.  I think my procrastination on this project revolves around not knowing the recipient’s shoe size.  I have guessed, based on height and visual sizing, that I should be knitting a size large, which I am.  But I am so afraid that this person has freakishly large feet and therefore, a large may in fact be too small.  

What to do?  Based on information found in collective knitting books, I know I can assume the foot is the same length as the forearm and the same circumference as the fist.  I have mentally measured both, based only on sight.  How do you get a person’s measurements without their knowledge!  I am befuddled here. Once I make up my mind to make up my mind, I will finish the socks as a size large, perhaps with a little extra length, just for good measure.     pun, definitely intended for comic relief


Dr Thuja

Dr Thuja



So, that is actually it for ‘hibernating’ projects.  Then there are the projects that are about to be started.  chuckles insanely I am not so sure that I can finish the projects I have set myself up with, but I will try nonetheless.  Here is my list of projects to be knit by Christmas Eve – most ideally, by December 20th.

Project:  SOSiii – As of this posting, I have not even started this.  I have, but I have to start over in a different yarn.  So, until that yarn arrives, I can do nothing and have fallen behind 5 charts so far! :sigh: 

Recipient: myself

Priority: low


Project:  Convertible mitts – this knit is intended as a Christmas gift but also is part of a KAL incorporating our hand-dyed yarns into a colorwork project.

Recipient: Darling Z

Priority: High


Project:  R2D2 Hat – Inspired by other hats and using my own charts.  I expect this hat to take awhile as it will be design, knit and learn as I go.

Recipient: QXT

Priority: High


Project:  Transformers Hat by Lori Magnus.  This hat is also stranded. KFJ loves transformers, so to find this pattern was perfect.

Recipient: KFJ

Priority: High


Project: Kenobi by Norah Gaughan.  There is a lot of moisture in the air here.  That means humid summers and cold, damp winters.  This jacket would serve as a great housecoat for DH.  Presently he uses a very expensive jacket he purchased in Japan.  This jacket is not easily replaced or repaired.  That said, this jacket is beginning to fall apart.  Time for something new and to pack away the Japan-coat.

Recipient: DH

Priority: High


Project: Hooded Baby Sweater by Debbie Bliss.

Recipeint: AEJ

Priority: High


Project:  Flutter Scarf by MimKnits.  I love this lace scarf.

Recipient: Making 2, one for MDT and one for me

Priority:  High and Low, respectively.


This list in by no means complete but the most immediate items to be knit.  And of course, does not include any new techniques I may be picking up or KALs I am signed up for or swaps or clubs I belong to. 

ETA – I can not believe that with all the UFOs and WIPs I have currently, I have just cast on for three additional new projects!!!  I need a 12 step program.

So, I want to know – What’s on your sticks?


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  1. At least I know I’m in good company. I have a lace wedding shawl for my best friend, a cabled baby sweater, a crocheted felted bag/basket/something, as well as several small projects (hats, socks, etc.)which are at various stages of aging. And what did I bring with me today? Yarn and a pattern to cast on a new project when I go to my appointment this afternoon.

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