September 11, 2008

It has been nearly a month.  I’m getting better, right?

It is not that I have nothing to write about, trust me.  In fact, there is much I want to write about – too much. Seriously, my head spins with all the ideas I have flying between my ears.  Here is a sneak peak:  knitting, dyeing, designing, magazines, books, socks, sweaters, toys, bags, wool, alpaca, silk, felting, vests, learn new things, ravelry, painting, dpns, organize, knitting, kal, swap, stitch markers, lace… 

You get the idea.  I wish I had another 24 hours in a day… all to myself.  If I had 24 Me-hours in a day… whoa!  I might actually accomplish something worthwhile!  Instead, I have 24 real-time hours in a day where I look after and take care of a home, four children, a husband, help with a knitting group, and somewhere in there, I try to do a little knitting – usually between the hours of 10pm and midnight… sometimes midnight and 3 am.  I am in the process of figuring out this schedule thing.  

For your information, it took me 45 minutes to write the above, courtesy of 3yo and newborn.

Let me jump right in and start with what is now on the top of my mind, as this changes rapidly.  In the wee hours I previewed the new Knitty.  I like Knitty and all Amy Singer has done to enable knitters and designers, both new and old-hands.  Knitty offers a resource of fresh designs, free of charge.  Usually when the newest issue of Knitty is released, I immediately find one or two designs that I want to knit.  Whether or not I actually get to knit is another topic entirely, laced with preparing meals and changing diapers.  This issue, the 25th issue, celebrating Knitty’s 6th birthday, is packed with so many lovely patterns, I had to create a new folder on my desktop to contain them all!

As with any pattern resource, be it a magazine, book or e-zine, I immediately am drawn to the sock and lace patterns.  This issue of Knitty offers four amazing sock patterns.  I say amazing for three reasons:  all four patterns are lovely, all four patterns are knittable and all four patterns are now in my queue.  


Hourglass by Bev Elicerio


Garden Gate by Emily Johnson

Garden Gate by Emily Johnson




Interlocking Leaves by Kelly Porpiglia

Interlocking Leaves by Kelly Porpiglia




Baroque by Janice Kang

Baroque by Janice Kang



As for lace, Knitty was not lacking.  Of the two lace patterns, the first is by Rosemary Hill titled Waves of Grain.  This pattern calls for alpaca – already, I know it will go into my queue.  After viewing the pictures, I am certain this lace will be knit for Fall.  The clean lines, accented by beaded wheat, is just begging to be knit up.  The second lace pattern is designed by Amy Singer herself and is excerpted from KnittySpin.  A simple yet effective lace cowl, calling for handspun silk… yumm.  



Waves of Grain by Rosemary Hill

Waves of Grain by Rosemary Hill


And these were only my immediate interests, dear reader.  Not soon after devouring my sock and lace desires, I couldn’t help but take notice of the five patterns that fall into the ‘Tops’ section of my queue, two of which are intended as menswear but could easily be altered for a woman. I am thinking the Mangyle would look great in a clematis/periwinkle/fuschia combo with added short rows… what do you think?


Mangyle by Sarah Sumner-Eisenbraun

Mangyle by Sarah Sumner-Eisenbraun



After perusing the tops, I went on to the scarves/stoles/wraps, not expecting much.  Shamed am I.  From fun and quirky to sophisticated, Knitty has us covered.  One of the four patterns is designed by the loved and honored Norah Gaughan, Kinetic.  At first glance, this look like a boring wrap and then we see the close up.


Kinetic by Norah Gaughan

Kinetic by Norah Gaughan



There is enough textural interest here to satisfy any tactile person.  While this design is posed on a pretty woman, I can easily see this wrap on a man – either full-sized or scaled down.

But that’s not all,there are mitt knits, baby knits and more.  In the interest of … er, interest … get on over to Knitty!   


I have so much more to say … I will try to post again soon!


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