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It’s been a long time, baby…

August 18, 2008

Wow, has it really been more than two months?  Sort of hard to believe, the time has just screamed by for me. Let’s consider the two month period my ‘vacation’ and leave it at that.  I’m back, with fervor.  (I’ve always loved that word.) 

Let’s celebrate my “comeback” with a series of contests.  The first contest is open to Monthly Adventures (MA) members on Ravelry.  MA has to be the best knitting group, ever.  Why?  In addition to being an open-armed lovely group of people, MA hosts regular C/KALs, other projects such as Kool Aid dyeing, fantastic support of all types, and let us not overlook the fabby contests and prizes awarded regularly.  These contests keep our knitting fun and often encourages us to finish a project which might otherwise become a UFO.

However, what many MA members may not realize, is that the group’s moderators are funding these contests and prize extravaganzas out of their own pockets. Ouch.  Can you imagine doing that yourself, especially in these hard times?   Recently, our moderators have opened the doors, allowing group members to host their own contests and provide prizes.

So this contest is in honor of MA and to benefit MA, and of course the winner. ;)