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Where’d the Time Go?

June 6, 2008

Has it really been four six weeks?  

I will make up with a heavy post consisting of a Thine Covet, Book Review and Other entry all wrapped up in one neat package… my own version of neat. ;)

SO Thine Covet… as usual, I have coveted quite a bit.  Let’s start with my frequent, short  trips to Etsy.  

Well there is this:

Fearless Fibers

and this:


and this:


Emily Parson

and this:

Thank Ewe


And that’s just yarn!  I’ve also spied some really cute bags, like this:

HBT Designs


and these: 






HBT Designs


and this:


and this:



The bags are really making me sad for my sewing machine.  I have many bolts of fabric and I can do NOTHING with them!  When we moved here, I tried to use my sewing machine almost immediately but it would not work… I think something might have happened in transit because it worked just fine in Hawaii.  I have packed the sewing machine and fabric and most of the notions away, trying to pretend like they are not there… then I see these CUTE bags and I want to knock out a few… and I CAN’T.  :sigh:

OK, so that is just the Etsy site.  I have also been spying on fellow Ravelers stash.  I realized that there are a lot of yarns I want to test drive and there are many Ravelers who are trying to destash for whatever reason.  I have managed to find many yarns at great prices as a result.  Here are a few for your ocular enjoyment:









Berroco Comfort Sock

Berroco Comfort Sock

Hand Jive Nature’s Palette

Aside from yarny goodness and bags, I have also been oogling jewelry for my knitting.  There are so many indie vendors making such great pieces, but I have grown partial to Neen’s Knit N Things stitch markers.  Her markers are pretty and very well made.  Additionally, she is always willing to make sizing adjustments – a huge plus for me –  the customer service is fantastic.  

After a few months of oogling and indecision, I decided on these markers:


Every knitter should have a needle/stitch gauge measurer.  I have four, so why I think I need another is beyond me.  Still, I really think this is way cute and want it – badly.

It’s a charm, that can be worn as a necklace or put on a keychain or added to your knitting bag as a zipper pull… or order two and make them earrings!  Is that not perfect?



Thine Covets often become purchases, and in the case of sock yarn, I have made a few several purchases:


Emily Parson’s Sophie’s Toes

Claudia Handpainted

CTH Louet Gems

Ewe Phoria

Fortissima Socka

Brown Sheep Wildfoote

Plymouth Sockotta

CP Panda Wool

CP Panda Cotton

CP Maizy

Cascade Heritage

Cascade Heritage

Cascade Heritage


<end of Thine Covet>

Let’s look at a book (or two).  I’ve recently acquired a bunch of sock knitting books – KOTR, Sensational Knitted Socks, More Sensational Knitted Socks, Folk Knitting, Vintage Socks and Socks Soar on Two Circulars.  

My favorite is … I can’t choose!  I love Nancy Bush for her traditional yet unique designs but I really love Charlene Schurch for enabling me (any sock knitter) to design their own sock.  Additionally, she breaks her patterns down for different sock knitting styles (DPNs, Magic Loop, 2 circs) making transitioning patterns easier as you gain an understanding of the nuances in the pattern writing for each style.

Bottom line, Sensational Knitted Socks is a great book for your sock knitting shelf.

<end Book Review>

I’d now like to take a moment to chat about Ravelry and the great friends I have made there.  If you are a Rav member, you know what a great community exists within it’s cyber-walls.  If not, let me share with you my favorite group, Monthly Adventures.  

This group is run by Fibers, a warm and kind hearted lady who manages our unruly group.  Who knew one could laugh their pants off whilst typing away on a keyboard?  It happens in our group.  But it’s not all just fun and games, it is also ear and shoulder.  We have shared with, inspired, helped, prayed for, celebrated with, gripped with and in a case or two, cried with each other.  This is a sensational group of women (and one man) and they have recently extended their generosity and kindness towards me.


As many of you know, I am pregnant and living overseas in a foreign land.  I had accepted early on that this pregnancy would go by with little notice or celebration – family and friends are so far away.  A few weeks ago, I spotted a thread in our group’s forum – “Baby shower for Destiknit”.  

These ladies have planned a Baby Shower for me!  Online, so we can all celebrate together.  The details are still unknown to me, all I know is as I receive packages with an asterisk, I am not to open them.  Also, that I am to be online at a certain time/date.  Aside from that, I am in the dark.  So, I have these packages sitting here next to my desk and I am dying to know what is inside – the torture!  

Aren’t these gals great?


Speaking of Monthly Adventures, I have sort of bowed out of the Sweater CKAL – I will finish it, I just don’t want to right now. :lazy:

But, Fibers had posted another swap – a keychain swap.  It was a lot of fun assembling the package and staying on budget!  Next to follow will be a CKAL to complete the Keychain.  I’ve yet to receive my swap package but I’ve already begun practicing knitting mini socks!  Too cute!

Fibers has also posted the following swap, which will turn into the next CKAL, Shawl and Wrap Swap.  This one is going to be a great one for me!  I enjoy knitting lace – really!  I know, it is tedious, it requires concentration, note taking, etc.  Then there is the blocking.  But the whole process, while arduous at times, is so worth the end product – a lovely, flow-y lace wrap to warm your soul. 

<end KAL>

As for FOs – there have been a few pair of socks for the family, who seem to enjoy them.  Which takes me to WIPs – I am working on a pair for Darling Z, then on to a pair for myself and then for WMH and maybe another pair for myself.  I am still working on the Baby Blankie in my vacant moments.  Like the sweater, it is intended for when the babe is a bit older, not a newbie, so I do not feel rushed to complete it.  I suspect I will continue to procrastinate, which will only cause panic to complete later down the road… maybe I like the pressure? IDK. :sicko:

That’s it for now… I am due within the next six weeks.  I will try to post at least once in that time frame but a warning… for about six to eight weeks after the babe is born, I will probably not post.  So, I guess in a way, this recent gap in posting is just a ‘warning’ of sorts to see how you’d all react ;)


Thanks for keeping up with me… see you soon!