RavelRaiser ’08

April 7, 2008

I want to help get the word out without gaining a bad rep in Raveland, so I’m posting here on my blog.

JulieFrick has started a fundraiser for Ravelry called RavelRaiser ’08, hosted in the 10 Lousy Bucks Group, to raise much needed funds for a new Server.  As Julie says, “we (Ravelrs) are loading them up with good data that needs a home!”

I am on board with this fundraiser, especially since in February I had committed to donating $10 each month when I realized that I spend more than that on a single skein of sock yarn! Once you add up all that Ravelry is, $10 is nothing.

If you are a Ravelry member (membership if free!) please consider donating to Ravelry.    

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, there are some really great prizes, too! ;)



  1. Hi, I’m sorry but I am not sure how else to contact you. I saw your response to a post in the forums, aking how to add images to your sidebar in the new wordpress. You said you were going to ask Support. Did they ever get back to you? I am struggling with the same question.

  2. Great job spreading the word…I blogged about it, too! :)

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