Vogue Knitting, Spring 2008

April 3, 2008

vogue spring 08

Or, more correctly, Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2008.  Be warned, these are my own opinions to follow and strong at that.

I had been hounding my local bookstore clerk on a daily basis for the past 2 weeks, since the Vogue Knitting was released Stateside.  Monday, when I entered the store, the clerk smiled and nodded, an indication that my magazine had arrived.  I felt pure bliss when I saw the cover.  I then fumbled to retrieve my copy and was a bit surprised at how light it felt.  Still, I was excited to pay for my magazine and then off to the Cafe to revel over a cuppa.

I opened my paper sack and removed the contents carefully.  Indeed, it was light but I suppose my expectations of Vogue are high as they always produce the most fashion-forward International knit design, seldom playing it safe and giving inspiration to would-be designers.  I had seen some of the previews online and was surprised to see little more inside the magazine.  True, there are 33 patterns in this edition and a mini workshop on lace, but the contents of this edition seem to be missing something, the Oompf I’ve come to expect from Vogue.

In examining the 33 patterns, it is only fair to add that there are an additional 6  patterns title, Natural Selection,  available online for free.  I think, as a collection, the free patterns are much more interesting than the patterns in the magazine.  As usual, the patterns are arranged as collections, based on a theme of some sort.  The first collection is Ecological, where all designs are made of natural or enviro-friendly fibers.  This collection seems to be all over the place in terms of style.  For myself, of the 10 designs in this collection, only two are worth mentioning, #6 a cute and versatile pocketed, free-flowing vest and #9, a simple, easy to knit, easy to wear square-necked sweater.  Perhaps I am being harsh of this collection, but I can not help but think I’ve seen most of these designs elsewhere or that I should have never seen them in the first place.


The next collection consists of 6 designs and is titled Floral Fixation.   My quick take on the collection is, pretty.  A closer look however will show that #13 is quite boxy and while it is meant to be a light piece, the braided straps add unnecessary and unwanted bulk to the shoulders.  In Full Bloom, #14, is a design to be expected of Kaffe Fassett, lovely colorwork and polished.  This is a great piece and would be equally lovely in Autumn colors.


The next two pieces look ‘weird’ to me – #15 seems to lack proportion while #16 is just asking to fall off, it looks like an unfinished piece.  The last two pieces are both wonderful, #17 by Michelle Rose Orne is a practical cardigan and #18 by Vladmir Teriokhin is a lacey vest.  While this collection is pretty – still missing the Oompf.

I am going to skip over the next collection, The White Way, in two sentences.  This 6 piece collection is one of white lace, supposedly suitable for “the big day”.  If I am ever in need of a lace dress, I may consider knitting up #21.  Moving on….

The next two collections are titled, Urban Outfitters and Shore Leave.  The former consists of 3 designs, nothing inspirational there.  The later is comprised of 6 designs.  This may be the ‘best’ of the collections, with a whopping 2 out of 6 designs I would actually knit.  The Lapis Luxury, #30, is a mesh lace patterned v-neck tank, which would make a great layering piece.  And, Vogue must have been saving the best for last.


The best of all the designs, in my opinion, is Gayle Bunn’s cable-laced tunic.  With it’s split neck and 3/4 sleeves, it is sophisticated and fun at the same time.

This review is not like me, I admit, it is rather harsh. But truly, I feel justified. Come on Vogue, where’s the Oompf?


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  1. You hit it right on the nail and picked out the same designs that I liked. I was so disappointed with this issue of VK that I didn’t even purchase it. As has become the norm the last few issues, the patterns being advertised were much more appealing than the patterns contained within the magazine. Thanks for giving it such an honest review!

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