Another Project to the Frog Pond

April 1, 2008

Unlike my personal life, my knitting life has been very dramatic this past week. With Darling Z changing her mind every so often on the Perfect Spring Sweater, we have ultimately decided to … gulp … frog it. Once I realized the finality in the decision, I ripped it to a pile of crinkled wool, where it still sits, waiting to be refreshed for a new project. Since the color was a neutral blue, I will most likely use the wool for a baby item. Frogs aren’t so bad, especially if you can turn them into a Prince-of-a-FO.

So, with one disappointment faced, I realized that I have a few UFOs sitting on my shelf. The most fearful to me where a pair of socks. Socks are a great knit, useful, practical and even fun at times. Why have I been scared of a simple pair of ribbed socks? It is not the socks themselves but rather, for whom they are intended, WMH. I can not seem to knit anything for that man. He is such a PITA particular person, and has no problem disclosing his dislikes. Additionally, he can be quite critical of others. So, any project I start for him, is never finished. I have frogged countless items and have had up to 5 UFOs sitting on my shelf with his name on them. 5 can now be marked down to 4, as I am beginning to ‘get over it’ and finished those socks.

Imagine my complete surprised when he told me he likes them! Although, no efforts can be forged without a little bit of criticism. As he tried them on, he mentioned that they fit perfectly, but would probably shrink since I used wool and while he separates colors, he doesn’t ‘care’ for laundry. I smiled and told him that I used Superwash, which of course was lost on him, and explained that the socks would not shrink. He seems very happy with the socks, which in turn makes me happy and a little more eager to finish those UFOs!

Pictures to Follow Soon


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