Inspiration Needed

March 24, 2008

I am knitting – rather, I am supposed to be knitting – a sweater for Darling Z. This project started out with hearty-go as Darling Z and I designed the pattern together. She chose the knit stitch, the yarn and came up with a rough design. I simply added my two-cents as the knitter with the know-how. These past two weeks however, I have not wanted to pick the sweater up.  I try, I really do.  I’ve gone so far as to get the project out and every supply needed, then I end up swatching for baby items or ideas that fester unexpectedly.

What’s my problem-o?  I think there are a few issues at hand here.  One, I ran into a small roadblock initially, but I ironed that issue within a few days. Two, Darling Z has been somewhat flimsy suddenly on wether or not she wants this sweater.  Three, I really do not want to knit something she will not wear, it happens far too often and I just may give up on knitting for her if it happens again.

So, I need to hear her say – I want this sweater – otherwise, it will be frogged and the yarn refreshed for another project – like a baby blanket.  But then I will find myself ‘falling out’ of the CKAL that I belong to, unless I come up with another pattern, yarn and some inspiration.  Ideas?


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