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March 13, 2008

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Every knitter should have a few technical books on their shelf, if not for learning new techniques, then for reference itself. However, there are times when I do not have my books handy or when I am just too plain lazy to go through them. In the case of the former, I may be out of the house for reasons such as traveling. In the case of the later, I am most likely planted in front of my computer screen, and I know that the answer to my question is literally at my fingertips in lightening quick speed. I love the internet. When I am online searching for information, I find I visit the same sites regularly. Below are those sites, as well as the links and what you can expect to find there.

Knitting Daily: A daily newsletter by Sandi Wisehart which often tackles issues readers submit. The most recent being shaping and how to measure to acquire the best shaping methods for your body. Sandi is a former Managing Editor of Interweave Knits.

In addition to Sandi’s point of view and advice, there are also links to common and not-so-common techniques and a simple stitch guide, most used in Interweave Knits Magazine.

Knitting Fool: The Knitting Fool is no fool at all. Elaine Lyons, a clever woman who loves lists, has been knitting for 45 years. Elaine grew up on a farm in a very rural Illinois where, starting at age 8, she began knitting clothes for her dolls. She knit her very first sweater when she was 16 and hasn’t put her needles down since.

Elaine holds two BAs, one in Botany and another in Accounting and a Masters in Management Information Systems. It seems only natural that the knitter who loves lists would create a database of stitches for knitting on her popular website The Knitting Fool . As Elaine says, “My list, your list, everybody’s got a list, and a database is just a lot of lists.” Elaine goes on to say, “Knitting is a list of stitches with a physical presence. If you knit a sweater, you can wear a list; A sweater is an analog database of stitches.”

Along with the 1,724 stitch patterns for knit, purl , textured, cabled and lace sts; which are listed alphabetically, by stitch count, by row count and category, you will also find other useful tools on the Knitting Fool website such as a “How many skeins calculator” and the very popular Sweater pattern formulas for drop sleeve, set-in sleeve and raglan style sweaters.

Eunny Jang: In the past, I have found myself referring to Eunny’s site for special instructional articles she has written. Eunny writes beautifully and explains the most complicated of techniques, such as lace techniques, with ease.

Since Eunny has become the Editor of Interweave Knits, her website has not been updated. However, it is still up and available with many useful tutorials, as well as beautiful patterns, some of which are free and others for sale.

Knitting Help: Amy started by making a few videos of basic knitting techniques and posting them on her personal website. After receiving so much traffic, Amy decided to expand her video library and devote them to a separate website. These great mini-lessons are perfect for learning new-to-you techniques.

Where do you turn for help?


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