Swaps are Fun!

March 6, 2008

If you have never known the fun and joy of a Swap, I strongly suggest you find one to participate in – like now.

Admittedly, at times, I feel I am in too many swaps, between Ravelry, MySpace and other online communities. But each swap I participate in really does bring laughter and learning to my life. Take my new, favorite swap, Monthly Adventures. Our group is worldwide and based on Ravelry. We have ladies (no gents that I am aware of) from all walks of life but chat it up, laugh and learn together because of the swap that had knit us together. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

We are just finishing up our latest swap called Tops and Pots, where we knit an item for the head (tops) and send a recipe for a one pot meal (pots). Of course, we can add extras but our dear Moderator, Fibers, places a cap on expenses – we love her:) – so no one goes overboard. I did not expect to receive my swap package for some time as I live overseas and there is customs and the MPS to consider but I recieved it three days ago!!! And the timing was just wonderful.GrF AKA Femke from the Nederlands, was assigned as my swap partner, but of course I did not know that, not until I received this in the mail:

And this was just the Gift Wrapping! My thoughts as I unwrapped the bag went something like this, “OMG! I love this bag! This is my new knitting bag! So long falling-apart-plastic-bag-I’ve-been-using! Wait, this isn’t a hat! Oh well, I don’t care, I love this bag!” Then, I opened the bag and found two recipes a warm and loving note and this:

Pay no attention to my 'morning face' or the laundry in the background :)

The DIY Peasant Cap by Melody Parker Narvaez has been on my TBK list for awhile but, like most items that are for me, it has been placed on hold. GrF granted me two wishes without realizing it! Thank you so very much! I love this hat, my darling Z loves it too:


This of course is only one example of the great giftiness that goes on in a swap. I can’t stress enough, swaps are a lot of fun, you should considering joining one, like now!

But what if you do not have a Ravelry account? Well, first things first, sign up for a Ravelry account. Then head over to your favorite online knitting community. Chances are there is a swap going on that you didn’t even know about. If you belong to a knitting group, this is a great way to inject some fun, write everyone’s name on a piece of paper and draw randomly (and secretly) and you have the beginnings of your swap! You can even make a themed swap, such as in our most recent Monthly Adventures swap. Another group I belong to is currently doing a Regional themed swap. While another is a Favorite Colors swap.

Go on, get swappin!!


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