It’s A Tween World After All

March 2, 2008

There are so many wonderful knitting patterns. There is knitting for women, knitting for men, knitting for boys, knitting for girls and the ever popular, knitting for baby. There is knitting for the home and knitting for pets. There is knitted toys, knitted bowls, knitted purses and bags. People are even knitting food and um… anatomy.

Why then, oh why, is there not more knitting for Tweens? As my daughter’s entrance into TweenHood approaches (though she’ll tell you she is already a tween) and her body begins to shape, I find I am having a very difficult time finding patterns appropriate for her frame, let alone actually written for her frame. Why is this? Is this for the same reason we do not see many patterns for pregnant and nursing Mommies? Because, I have been looking and I’m just not seeing them.

What exactly am I looking for? Well for starters, a piece that is fun and cute and wearable. Something she will wear and not thrust into the black hole in the back of her closet. Something she will be proud to tell everyone, “My Mom made this for me.” and be the envy of all her friends. :evil:

What am I not looking for? I’m not looking for baby or toddler patterns modified for a young lady. I mean, I wouldn’t want to wear an adult-sized chunky jumper so why would she? I am also not even going to consider the club-look… I mean, it’s bad enough our kids are exposed to scantily clad women and men on billboards, television and magazines. I do my best to keep that stuff out of her hands and away from her vision. But still, I am not a fool, I know she sees it elsewhere – like at school. I am continually surprised to see what some of her peers and even friends are wearing. I am further surprised when I realize that Mom and Dad actually bought those outfits. So yeah, no club-look for my girl.

Fortunately, my girl is a very modest thing. Well, appearance-wise anyhow. She prefers classic, crisp looks some days, while other days she wants to be the sporty tom-boy and still others, just girly. She is a kid after all and I am glad for it, no one rushing into growing up in this house, yet. Remind me when I will have to eat my words, ok?

Still, even with a semi-modest almost-tween, I can not seem to find patterns for her age group. I am by no means a designer but I do think I will have to come up with something for her on my own. I suppose it shouldn’t be a problem, very little shaping will be required, it’s just the idea of creating something from scratch. I’ve never done it before, at least not like this. I think I am finding it a little daunting. I need a boost of some sort, let me end here so I can kick myself in the butt….


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