Just Knitting?

February 21, 2008


When I started this blog, it was with the intention to keep my rants, observations, experiences, coveting and such limited to knitting.  Recently I realized that this little blog is severely neglected, I post occasionally or in spurts.  I have a ton of knitterly ideas for this blog, many of which will never reach you since I am currently limited to this WordPress account.

Yeah, the pocketbook is tight right now… but you wouldn’t know that would you?

Another realization, I do not discuss myself, my life, here.  While I truly love knitting, I spend only a fraction of my time doing so.  So, I have decided to open the doors a bit and let you all inside my nutty little world.  I have never participated a Meme before.  I know what they are, I find them interesting but I myself have never filled one out before.  There seems to be 100’s of ‘templates’ out there, some of them literally have ‘100 things about me’.  I don’t think I could possibly find 100 things to write about myself but how about we start out with 20-ish? 

  • I have 3 children, and one on the way – that’s why the pursestrings are tight ;)
  • I am married to WMH (Well Meaning Husband) whom I love dearly
  • We currently live in Italy due to WMH job
  • I love good tea and enjoy good coffee 
  • Cooking and especially baking are very comforting to me
  • I love food, there isn’t much I won’t try
  • Chocolate is a Food Group… White Chocolate is not
  • Alpaca and blends are my preferred fiber
  • Bamboo Needles are essential for me 
  • I am a native RI gal
  • Prefer warmer, non-humid climates
  • I like fast cars
  • I miss fast cars :(
  • I have 4 sisters and 4 brothers
  • I am a home-body…yet…
  • I love to travel
  • I am not as active as I should be but…
  • …my Doc says I am the picture of good health ….
  •  …I know it will catch up with me one day, very soon
  • I love order and organization but….
  • …I have a hard time maintaining

There, a little insight of me.  I think I will begin posting other subject matter in addition to knitting.  It may keep me posting on a mo’ regular basis.  Any objections or comments?  You can PM me or leave your thoughts below.


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