Interweave Knits Spring 2008

February 4, 2008

There has been a lot of buzz over in Ravel-land this past week.  Amongst the usual chatter, there are many opinions of the newest edition of Interweave Knits, Spring 2008.  It seems that many Ravelers are not very happy with this season’s issue.  Why?  The chief complaint I have heard is this, “The pieces are too similar.”  In addition to, “Most of these pieces do not suit the average woman.”  Well, before I give my two-cents, let’s show a sampling of what IK, Spring 2008 has to offer:  

Mirabella Cardigan Mirabella Cardigan.Detail

Mirabella Cardigan by Jennifer Tallepaneni 

Drawstring Chemise Drawstring Chemise.Detail

Drawstring Chemise by Connie Chang Chinchio

Banded Peasant Blouse Banded Peasant Blouse.Deatail 

Banded Peasant Blouse by Mary Jane Mucklestone

Linen Trumpet Skirt Linen Trumpet Skirt.Back

Linen Trumpet Skirt by Kat Coyle 

Flutter Sleeve Flutter Sleeve.Detail

Flutter Sleeve by Pam Allen


 This of course, is only a sampling of what you will find inside this season issue of IK.  You will also find a pullover pattern, two lace stole patterns, a sock pattern by Chrissy Gardiner, a modular scarf pattern, a beautiful lace vest by Eunny Jang, a few cardigans, a child’s dress pattern, as well as a few other assorted tops.   And, let us not forget the Staff Projects that will be available online.

 My two-cents:  Yes, there is more than one cardigan pattern.  Yes, there are two lace stole patterns.  Yes, there seems to be a theme in this season’s aesthetic.  What is the theme?  Well, I am not an expert but a few knitters happen to agree with me, Classic Movies. Several pieces seem to call out “Audrey,” “Katherine,” “Marylin.”  But, in my opinion, each piece is unique to itself.  I would not say that any pieces are similar, each piece has it’s own style and detailing.  Further, I would add that most of these pieces would suit many shapes.  

This is the Spring issue.  Spring is about color, femininity and layers.  I believe that each of the designs in this seasons IK, captures the essence of Spring.   Am I going to knit every piece?  No.  But, I am going to knit at least one…   



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