Thine Covet

January 31, 2008

During this past month I clocked several hours of knitting related online window-shopping.  Did I buy anything?  No.  Did I want to?  You betcha!  Unfortunately, I am trying to pay off that plastic thing… just don’t tell my husband I am carrying a balance!  I am paying it down though, and should be zeroed out soon, and then… well, let’s just say that I have a l-o-n-g Knitting Wish List.

There were so many goodies online this past month!  From new and lux yarns to fun knitting toys! Now, who doesn’t love gadgets and do-dads?  Make it a knitting gadget or do-dad and I am already sold (maybe that’s why I am carrying a balance!).  Of all of the neat things I drooled over his month, I want to share with you the most unique, practical and cutest one.  It is handmade by a fellow knitter, KaratStix.  KaratStix has her very own Etsy shop where you can find her nifty creations.  Below is my most favorite item from her shop:

Gauge And WPI Tools

The Spring Knitter’s Rule and WPI Set


Is this not the cutest little knitting tool you have ever seen?  I love this Gauge Checker that doubles as a Needle Gauge.  And, to top it off who could resist the adorable Alpaca WPI Gauge? KaratStix makes each of these bamboo pieces by her own hand!  Amazing!  I have been coveting this set since I first spotted it, now I am kicking myself as this particular model is sold out.  But please reader, do not fret!  There are several other themed models to choose from, such as:

Sock Knitter's Rule

The Sock Knitter’s Rule 



Wooly Ewe's Knitter's Rule

Wooly Ewes Knitter’s Rule

 And, not to leave out the Crocheter’s out there

Crocheter's Rule

Crochet Hooker’s Rule 


There are a few other deigns available as well, in addition to the Alpaca WPI Tool and a handy Sock Knitter’s WPI Tool, each sold separately.  Have a theme of your own you’d like on a Gauge Rule?  KaratStix will also do custom orders!!!  Go check out KaratStix’s Etsy Shop… are you still here?



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  1. Oh my gosh, those are so cute!! Thanks for the link and photos!!

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