Hello Again

January 5, 2008

Has is really been a month since my last post? I guess that’s what happens when you go on vacation. In fact, my inner-self thinks she is still on vacation. I have not knit a thing, aside from a swatch and 3 rounds of a sock, for an entire month! Have I lost the desire? Does yarn no longer make me giddy with joy?

No. I am just in vaca-mode, still. I can not seem to shake it, mostly due to some major jet-lag. Have you ever flown for 24 hours? I think I lost 2 days of sleep, as I can not sleep on an airplane. But still, I did not knit. I played Solitaire, Blackjack, CaveMan and other various electronic games on the Continental flight. I worked out some Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles and Cryptograms. I watched my children sleep, in the most uncomfortable of positions. I also dodged food and other various objects from a 2 year old who sat in front of me.

When we touched down and returned home, it is a safe assumption to say we crashed. Each of us worked our way into pajamas and crawled into bed, where we awoke nearly 12 hours later. I really did not wake naturally, it was my 6 year old who woke me, he was hungry. Mom is never really of vacation, is she?

And, I suppose that is also why I am still there, on a virtual vacation – while WMH was vacationing and the kids were having a grand ole time, Mom still has to make meals, packs snacks, wash clothes, clean dishes, wipes hands and noses, etc. The last two shopping trips, I purchased ready-made meals – something I would normally NEVER do. My guilt level is starting to rise, a sure indication that I am coming off of this vacation. Which has me re-evaluating my knitting.

I looked at all of my WIPS as well as my TBK list. Who am I kidding? A New Year always brings resolutions and I have made a few, knit-wise. First, I am no longer going to kill myself to knit for EVERYONE I know. Not only is it a ridiculous task, it is also, quite often, an unappreciated task. Instead, I will knit something for myself (Imagine that!) each season. Of course, there will be special moments when I will feel compelled to knit something for someone else, like my sister who will marry later this year. So here is my 2008 TBK list:

  • Winter/Spring: The Henley Perfected, with modifications for a pregnant belly
  • Spring: A pair of Socks and a Lace Shawl
  • Summer: Baby Booties and Hat, maybe even a Sweater to match
  • Winter: A Smokering and a pair of Mittens
  • Doesn’t that list seem so … manageable? Now all I have to do is not open my Interweave Knits issues as they arrive and steer clear of the bookstore and yarn sites. In addition to whittling down the TBK list, I have also resolved to feature an item I love or covet on the first Friday of each month. These items may be from Indie crafters, small shopettes or from the mainstream sources we all know and love. Each posting can be found under the Thine Covet category on the right. And without further adieu, this month’s featured item:

    In November I posted the first Thine Covet, featuring these darling little sheep:

    CopperPot Woolies

    Tracy, from CopperPot Woolies, by the power of the cosmos had been matched with me in a Holiday Swap on Ravelry – Talk about luck! Tracy bestowed several wonderful gifts unto me (some of which may very well become my next Thine Covet entry!) including the Sheep Bars you see above! I thought these bars were precious in the photos, they are even more so in person, those little sheep smiling up at you! Each smells divine and feels wonderful on the skin. I have not wet the bars, so I do not know how they lather up. Instead, I have used them to rub on my finger tips and hang nails before knitting – it works for me! If you are looking for something cute and unique for a knitting friend or for yourself, go to CopperPot Woolies, you will not be disappointed!


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