Remember Mittens?

December 4, 2007

It’s not like you haven’t heard of them nor that they have gone out of style, but do you remember the mittens you had when you were a kid?  I do.  Of course, there were several mismatched pair because inevitably, one would get lost – even if Mom pinned them to our jackets.  The only matching pair I had were impossible to lose, they were attached with a string and were ‘thread’ inside our jackets.

I knit my youngest son a pair of mittens last week and after weaving in the ends, I realized he would certainly lose one, if not both, of his mittens.  That is when I remember the string.  I knit up a 3 stitch i-cord and attached it to the mittens, then lightly felted it all.  Two days later, once they were dried, we tried them out… they fit like…. mittens.

Photos to come….


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