Thine Covet

November 30, 2007

I am sure it must be the something in the air, like sales fliers. I have been wasting my valuable time, voluntarily stepping into the black hole portal know as the internet, for items I wish to have but probably would not buy for myself. I literally just snapped myself out of a trance and thought, ‘Share with the knitting world!’. Immediately afterwards I thought, ‘Great idea! Post one item a week to share! This will keep me posting on a mo’ regular basis, right?’, we will see. So, without any further adieu…

Bo Peep's Sheep

Are these not the cutest things you have ever seen? Sheep Soap! from CooperPot on Etsy . I received a message from Copperpot, on Ravelry, and thought I would check out her site. Not only does she spin her own yarn but she also makes her own soap! These are just precious, I am having a tough time resisting them. Each baaa-r ;) is 4+ ounces and costs $10 for the four baaa-rs you see above. Lavender – Lavender/Vanilla, Rose – Rockin Raspberry,
Cream – Toasted marshmallow, Green – Eucalyptus/Mint scents.






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