Holiday Knitting Stats

November 7, 2007

After much angst, I have decided to frog the October KAL piece for two reasons.  First, the yarn I am using is not suitable for the piece, as the worsted weight takes away from the airy feel the stole should have.  Second, If I have to frog that far down, I might as well start over.  However, I will not re-knit this stole at this time.  Instead, I am going to try a scarf (yes, another scarf) using the Drooping Elm Leaf pattern from Barbara Walker’s, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns  with the same yarn.  Wish me luck!

Wow, we are already through the first week of November! Luckily, for me, I have nearly all of my obligatory knitting finished. That does not say much for my October KAL for Breast Cancer Awareness though. I have made some progress but I am just under half finished. I might have it finished by this week except that last night, when I thought I would have a marathon knitting night, I discovered a mistake waaaayy down in the beginning of the piece. If this were a cable or knit/purl piece, I would simply drop the stitches up to that row – easy fix with out major tinking. But no, this is a lace pattern so, I have to THINK about how I want to tackle this issue.

I showed WMH this morning, he doesn’t even see the mistake! That is not saying much though, since he doesn’t even notice when I’ve moved the furniture around or have had a haircut.


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