Michelle, My Belle

October 30, 2007

She will kill me for that one :)

Michelle is my sister, my pretty, particular sister. She is six months pregnant and I want to knit her a lace stole or wrap for Christmas, she wants a scarf.  A thick, warm, nubby scarf – in blue. I thought about knitting a lace stole anyhow, but she will not wear it. Hmph, snorts I. I am sort of scarf-ed and hat-ed out, that’s all I have been knitting since September. Holiday knitting – FUN!

I am trying to look at the brighter side, once I finish with the Holiday Knitting, it is clear and wide for ME ME ME. I really do have a long list of TBK, and most of it is for ME, the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, the Cinnabar Pullover, several pairs of Socks and a few Stoles. The only item on my list that is not for me is an Anniversary Afghan, for WMH. But in truth, I will use it too.

I read Eunny’s Editorial Letter in the Holiday Edition of Interweave Knits. She commented that she has resolved this year to knit for only one person this Holiday season, her GrandMother. I think I will make the same resolution for next year’s Holidays. It really is ridiculous how much time and money I put into knits that will hardly be used and truly, not really appreciated. But honestly, I do enjoy giving a handknit gift.


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