Holiday Knitting

October 23, 2007

I am not sure if it’s the Halloween decorations or the sudden freezing chill in the air, but I am tackling my TBK* list.  Normally,  I am a s-l-o-w knitter, we are talking Queen of Turtles.  I suppose I could knit fast all of the time but I enjoy knitting, it does so much for me, in a therapeutic sort of way.  The repetitive movements, the soft fibers, the budding project and it’s end result, all feels wonderful to me.  I am one of those strange birds in the knitting community who actually likes to swatch for gauge, especially when a stitch pattern or fiber is new to me.  And,  I do not mind at all weaving in ends – it brings closure to the piece .  As I weave in ends, I think of the recipient of the piece and hope they will enjoy wearing/using it as much as I have enjoyed knitting it.  Cornball I am, I am – it’s true.

Come back soon for pictures….

*TBK = To Be Knit


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